Shweta Tiwari shocks everyone…again!

The telly star walks out of her own music release function

Imagine this: You made it big on television and were a favourite for a long time, till the inevitable decline. You then try to switch to the big screen, but hardly get any offers. You then get a sort-of good film with mainstream, has-been actors. All you have to do is wear the most itsy bitsy clothes ever, swing your hips to a rustic item number and play the second lead to another flop actress. You do all that, till finally it is time for the music of the film to release. Now you have a lot invested in this; one hit song can make your career in an instant. In your own words, “It is good to have songs to dance to on stage shows.” So then, why in the world would you walk away from the music release of your own film, before it has even started? Sure, you did give a few bytes and smiled prettily for the cameras, but why leave so early? That’s exactly what Shweta Tiwari did recently when she walked out of the music release of her upcoming release Bin Bulaye Baraati. We were, of course, very surprised at her behaviour. Surely, she was not THAT upset with Shakti Kapoor! The veteran actor entered the hall while Shweta was midway through one of her TV interviews. She was answering questions with a life-size poster behind her when Shakti decided he wanted that poster-still for himself (though there were others around). So he unabashedly moved it nearby and started talking to the press. This obviously did not agree with Shweta, though she didn’t say anything. But we don’t think that’s why she left. Especially since it seemed as if her early departure had been preplanned. We wonder what happened. Care to tell us, Shweta?