Sidharth Malhotra gets a star named after him!

The Student Of The Year hunk gets an unusual celestial gift from a London-based psychology student

We know that girls went bonkers when Sidharth Malhotra made a starry entry in Karan Johar’s romantic saga Student Of The Year. The 27-year-old actor has certainly won an incredible fan following after that dream debut. And believe it or not, the young star has become so popular that he now has a star named after him. A London-based psychology student named Reshma is so smitten by B-town’s latest eye-candy that she has got a star registered in Sidharth’s name.

“It’s a very sweet thing to do. She got the star named after me and also sent me the certificate. In fact, the certificate has the star’s coordinates too, so if I ever want to see the star, I can take out a telescope and do it. She also sent me a long letter saying how much she loved Student Of The Year,” said Sidharth in an interview to a daily.

Incidentally, Reshma is the same girl Sidharth had thanked on Twitter for appreciating his performance in SOTY. Never would the young star have imagined in his wildest dreams that one day, the same fan will get a sparkling star in the vast darkness named after her favourite onscreen idol. Now if that’s not the heights of fan frenzy, what is?

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