Sidharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan: Who will be Bollywood’s next super-heartthrob?

Sidharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan: Who will be Bollywood’s next super-heartthrob?

The Student Of The Year’s dashing dudes might have got a dream start with Karan Johar’s glossy production, but the real test begins now. The duo has to fight it out to prove that their debut performance – and the appreciation that followed – was not just a happy accident. We analyse the future prospects of Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan, and take a look at their upcoming films to predict which of the two is likely to stay afloat and who could sink without a trace…

Karan Johar eased their entry into the big bad world of Bollywood with his youthful film Student of The Year and KJO’s protégés – the good looking Varun Dhawan and the debonair Sidharth Malhotra – became overnight sensations, along with their co-star Alia Bhatt. Such has been the instant popularity of the two that every college guy wants to be just like them and every gal desperately wants to date either….or both!

Varun and Sidharth, in all seriousness, were given a dream debut of the kind many aspiring actors only dream about but rarely get. The young men, often escorting leading lady Alia Bhatt - have been spotted at various glitzy dos and awards functions recently. It certainly is the time for the trio of SOTY to bask in the glory of success, but what does the future hold for the young actors? While both men look promising with their unique abilities and fine looks, we are curious to know who has nabbed those meaty projects, those excellent co-stars, those heroines to to die for and, of course, better prospects.

As we see it, Varun – who is an energetic dancer with a killer body – is all set to work in his father David Dhawan’s next venture, Main Tera Hero. Touted as a young romantic comedy, this film will be produced by Ekta Kapoor. Though the leading lady for Varun has not yet been finalised for this project, the movie has the solid backing of Balaji Motion Pictures.

Sidharth, on the other hand, has signed a killer project titled Hasee Toh Phasee with the very spontaneous Parineeti Chopra. Adman-turned-filmmaker Vinil Mathew will direct this refreshing romantic flick under the Dharma Productions banner, which means that KJo will be omnipresent to give his invaluable input to the budding star to sustain the momentum of SOTY.

Unfortunately, Varun, who has been trying hard to sign a project with the Ishaqzaade babe, can’t keep up…yet. Blame it on prior commitments or the choices that Varun and Parineeti have made, but clashing dates are being cited as the main reason for the two young stars not working together right now.

Sidharth will also be seen Mohit Suri’s next thriller The Villain and Varun is excited about his cameo in the upcoming Nautanki Saala starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunal Roy Kapoor. One also hears that KJo is keen to get the trio of SOTY together once again for a fresh project, which could possibly be a sequel to their first film.

At the moment it’s all hanging in the balance for the two deliciously dishy dudes as far as their career prospects are concerned. While the younger Varun (yes, he’s only 24!) has dad David Dhawan and director brother Rohit Dhawan as his safety nets (and Daddy is considering one more film with his actor and director sons working together, a loyal birdie chirped) Siddharth too has a solid mentor in Karan Johar who is more than willing to show him the correct path if not pave a way for him to stardom.

Now you tell us: Who in your opinion has the spunk, the grit and that rare luck on his side to be the next heartthrob with a promising future?

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  • Aditi

    I dont know…..who r all the people who think sid looks better than varun…
    Varun is way better nd cuter than siddharth..
    This poll is fake..i dnt like it :-(

    • Alia

      Yah! Varun is the best!… In acting, dancing and gud looking! LOL;)

      • chikku

        sid would b the next heartthrob

    • shhreeyaa

      yaaa sid is the best!!!!!and he has the highest fan followings among new comers!!!after geting so much fame also he is so innocent and down to earth nt lik dat stupid varun!!

      • Alia(soty,highway n 2 states

        Varun is better than sid. Sid is bloody horrible my good.uske chehere gobar ki tarah hai i swear. VARUN IS THE BEST

        • noor

          no sid is best alia

    • Sonali

      varun is best in all over the world

  • ISpeakWhatIThink

    Just one of those many polls that get Sidians and Varuniacs to have a war of words lol.

    Both boys have bright futures ahead of them. Each boy has his own strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure they’ll only improve from here on.

    I just hope the stupid haters on here can learn to control what they write -_____-

    Personally…Siddyboy is my favourite! Such a down-to-earth, sincere, earnest guy ^_^

    Peace! <3

    • Aditi

      Hmm…u r correct..both have bright futures
      But the truth is everybody have their own likes…
      I like varun…he is super cute,charming,gud looking,gud dancer nd has every quality of an actor…varun rocksss

  • tina

    Sidharth malhotra one and only:*

  • saurav

    jitega bhai jitega sidharth malhotra hi jitega

  • Ridhzi

    Sidharth MAlhotra..he is desirable..talented..and his offscreen personality is his popularitys main reason..he is witty,funny at the same time grounded…and earnest..he rox…

  • umairkhan

    is my

  • sanrika malhotra / dhawan

    I hope that both varun and sidharth wins because they both deserve it all the best :) … Your’ll both have the best personality and url look sooooo cute :) <3

    • AliaBhatt

      Yaa…this is like what people should say…gd girl 8-)

  • Ayushi Singh

    Both are the new hottest hunk. But my favr8 is only sid. His looks are so killing and adorable, every girl will be flat to see this hott man. His acting skills are not brilliant than varun but good.I hope he will be the 1st man himself in B-town.

  • AME

    varun is a better dancer but siddarth is more good looking

  • gautami

    sid is hot bt varun is hotter….he is gd dancer actor handsome ad has every actors quality he is the best …my faviourate after salman

  • gautami

    let people be temted towards sid face bt u hav gd looks than him ……..only looks does nt matter in bollywood …it wud flop after some days when he wud nt be able to perform well in movies exept looks

  • Priya

    Sid all the way he deserves it, his acting is much better, he has even been signed for happy new year as well along with the villian and hasee to phasee. Where as Varun has only been signed for one movie that his dad is putting him in and a small cameo in nautanki saala. Sid looks a billion times better than Varun and obviously won over the audiences heart much more by acting better and his body is also a million times better than Varun so we can keep the most expectations of being a better actor of Sid than Varun. So the sexy SID!!!!

  • Jasmine

    And if someone ever chooses Varun OMG they would probably be the most idiotic people. Because obviously their jelous they can’t be like the beautiful Sid!!’ So obviously Sid eww who would chose Varun!!!

  • tina asiwal

    ab yeh bhi koi puchhne ki baat hai kya?
    obviously, siddhart is the cutest from all the other.
    everyone who choose varun, are the most mental in the whole world just like my bff yatika. she is also mad over that ugly guy “VARUN”.



  • prerita

    i like varun and i dont care what you think coz i know that varun deserves it……

  • suchi

    sid rocks!!!!!!!! no one is better than sid not even varun sid is a allrounder.

  • angela

    sid all the ways…luv you sid…varun is okay too….they both will rule in futur…after THE SRK AND SALMAN….i wanna see a movie by karann johar!!!!having sid,varun.ranbir,parineeti,alia and anushka..that would be great!!N awesome

  • shrutika

    actually both r sweet, cute, gud looking, nd last but not least both r deserving actors……but it’s a fact tht varun is a very gud compared to sid… my vote is wid varun

  • kalash

    sid uh rock!!!!!!!!!!!

    love ya <3

  • dj veegs

    Hi..sid n varun u r tooooo cool brosssssssss.hpe urs cming films wil be a hit

  • pranali

    I love u varun ur handsome than sid u love u varun

  • tina

    only n only varun no one else

  • Mridul

    Varun is the best..! ;-)

  • jasmit


  • AliaBhatt

    I love both of them…But SID the most….he’s very cute , glam , gd looking , down to earth , innocent and the most ATTRACTIVE!!! East or west , sid is the best!! But guyzz dont fight among urselves abt this matter…PLZZZZ….both have their own styles…sid is glam whereas varun is cute…its hard to choose who is the best bt sid is the best :-) I <3 him

  • princess bebo

    sidharth moltra is best actor and beautifull boy i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sid

  • sameer

    sid is the best and varun is my foot

  • Alia dhawan

    This voting is not true because I have 2 phones 1 tablet 2 I pad and 3 laptops in my house I do vote from all these things for varun but varun votes remain same and sidhaRyan become up so anyone who vote varun the vote go in sidhart line

    • sb

      Shut up!!!

      • Alia dhawan

        Why shut up mind your language your parents teach you this

  • VD lover…

    Varun dances much much much much better than siddharth. That fellow(sid) does not know how to dance. …. that is wrong… even… he looks much much much much much better….. and is a heart throb. …. This voting is wrong.

    • LB chqta

      owww so intense so how about the fact that Sid has MORE followers than Ugly Varun on twitter??? just deal with it Sid is the new heartthrob and the BRIGHT BIG SUPERSTAR!