Sidharth Malhotra to be Bollywood’s first Batman?

Sidharth Malhotra to be Bollywood’s first Batman?

The actor is gearing up to play a nocturnal vigilante in his upcoming film Bhavesh Joshi

Okay, we got you! If you are thinking that Sidharth Malhotra is getting beefy for his film Bhavesh Joshi, then you are slightly mistaken. The actor is putting on a few extra kilos but that is for his film Warrior with Akshay Kumar. But Sid’s role in Bhavesh Joshi is not any less special than that in Warrior! Want to know why? Read on…

Sidharth has played a villain in his last release and in Bhavesh Joshi he will be seen playing a vigilante, fighting the evil by night and living a routine life of a common man by the day! Now doesn’t that sound a tad bit like Batman coz’ he too fights crime by the night protecting Gotham and lives a regular life during the day…

Sidharth will be seen fighting the notoriously slow process of red-tapism in the film. He plays a disgruntled citizen of the country who gets frustrated by the inadequacies in the bureaucratic process and decides to become the protector of Mumbai! Sidharth will have to get a lanky look for Bhavesh Joshi which means he will be shedding all the bulk he gained for Warrior.

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