Simi’s show becomes Ranbir’s image clean-up platform

India’s Most Desirable first episode falls short of candid speak and chutzpah!

The first episode of Simi Garewal’s new talk show – India’s Most Desirable – went on air last night. Ranbir Kapoor, currently tagged the Casanova of B-town, was the first guest. It felt like Ranbir’s appearance on the show was mainly to clear the controversies clouding his love life. Insiders say that the young actor’s reported current link-ups (read dates, on-the-set affairs, etc) are not only worrying him, but his parents as well. Not surprising, since in India and Bollywood, an actor’s off-screen image does affect his onscreen persona. A self-confessed introvert and stil rather shy, Ranbir did open up on several matters – his love relationships (three in all, one having been with Deepika Padukone), personality traits he thinks hampers his relationships and his idea of love. While all that was fine, Ranbir did a chance pe dance on this one – amid all the talking, he constantly repeated that he was not the Casanova that he has been projected as by the media. Being young and single, he is attracted to the opposite sex and indulges once in a while by going for dinners and dates, but all in search of true love. On the show he said, “Love should be spectacular, or it’s not love!” And Ranbir’s dad, Rishi Kapoor, who was part of the show through a video chat, was quick to defend beta’s dating spree. Well, good for Ranbir, but Ms Garewal should remember that what made Karan Johar’s show popular was the truth and the candid (read catty) quotes!