Simi Garewal: I nearly adopted a girl child once!

The actor-host confessed in a recent interview that she regrets not having a kid of her own. And it seems she was all set to adopt one but things didn’t go as per the plan

“You know, the biggest regret in my life is not having a child. I have never admitted this before but at times, I wonder what’s all this for? Who’s going to take our legacy forward? I nearly adopted  a girl once. I went to an orphanage and found this girl called Vijaya, who was abandoned at the railway station by her parents. According to the rules, they had to publish her photograph in the newspaper. And within three months, if no one claimed the child, I could bring her home. Till about two months, there was no news of her biological parents. But just when I was about to get her custody, the parents showed up. It was heartbreaking.”
– Simi Garewal