Singh Saab The Great title song: Sonu Nigam and his sister Teesha Nigam make this one worth listening!

We aren’t highly impressed with the title song of Singh Saab The Great. The Punjabi track is a bit slow and long as well

Sung by Sonu Nigam and his sister Teesha Nigam, Singh Saab The Great features Sunny Deol. While the music which is composed by Sonu isn’t bad, the lyrics are hard to understand since bhari-bharkham Punjabi words have been used. In the video, you get see Sunny paaji in action mode. He saves a kid, is considered a hero by many and then you see Sunny Deol’s dhai kilo ka haath doing dhishoom-dhishoom which is a delight of course! But the highlight of the track is Sonu and Teesha’s dumdaar voice. It’s always tough to sing Punjabi numbers but the brother-sister duo has done a fine job. Hear the song and you’ll agree with us.

All in all, the title song of Sing Saab The Great is okay. If you miss it, you won’t regret. But if are a Sonu Nigam fan then hear the song. At first you may not believe its Sonu’s voice but when you hear him again, you’ll be surprised. The talented singer has proven his versatility yet again, wethinks. What about you Bollywoodlifers?