Singham Returns Review: Ajay Devgn’s earnest performance saves Rohit Shetty’s film!

Singham Returns Review: Ajay Devgn’s earnest performance saves Rohit Shetty’s film!

Though the film is slick and technically flawless, its the lack of novelty in the story line which pulls it down

What’s it about: The story revolves around Ajay Devgn aka Bajirao Singham, a no-nonsense cop in Mumbai police, who faces an ordeal when his constable is found dead with an ambulance filled with crores of money. Meanwhile his mentor Guruji, played by Anupam Kher, a party leader, decides to back the candidature of young deserving candidates. Irked by this decision from Guruji, alliance party leader Zakir Hussain and evil godman Amol Gupte hatch a plot to assassinate Anupam Kher. Will Singham find the murders of the constable and foil the plan of the baddies to kill Guruji? 

What’s good: Director Rohit Shetty is a master of his craft, when it comes to the technicalities of the film. The fight sequences are brilliantly executed and are exhilarating to watch. The camera work in the movie spot on. Ajay Devgn as a strict police officer shines, emoting with his eyes and packing a punch with his deadly dialogues and high octane stunts. Infact, it is Devgn’s earnest performance which makes the film worth watching. It is refreshing to see Dayanand Shetty play a cop in the film other than his popular TV series CID. Ironically, his name in the film is also Daya and the scene where he breaks the door gets massive applause from the audience.  Since the film is set in Maharashtra, Rohit Shetty has used Marathi dialogues generously, adding to the authenticity of the film. There a few scenes which stand out in the film like the Singham’s intro scene or the one where our hero is confronted and shamed by a woman for beating his son.

What’s bad: Though the film has two villains in the form of Amol Gupte and Zakir Hussain, but the film’s main villain is its weak script which has nothing new to offer. Kareena Kapoor tries hard to impress in a poorly etched role as Singham’s fiance. The pretty lady has nothing much to do and even the absence of her character would not have made any difference to the plot. The romance between Ajay and Bebo is thanda and the jokes are far from being funny. Amol Gupte has got the right body language to play a con man disguised as godman, but it is his over enunciation of  every word which annoys us a little. The film has some serious logical lapses and the baddies aren’t menacing enough to give Singham a tough competition.

What to do: While Singham Returns is a must watch for every Rohit Shetty fan as the director dishes out a typical masala film, the ones who look for emotional connection with films  may stay away from this Independence Day release. Watch it if you have nothing else to do this weekend.

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Subramanian Harikumar

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • fhgcjhvkj

    Nonsense cop or no-nonsense cop???

  • Ali Khan

    Looks like within few years Kareena Kapoor is gonna be over

  • yazz

    kareena u need to challenge yourself n stop doing only masala movies which has nothing for u to do u can do big movies which require u to perform like priyanka did in agneepath n krrish also u can do some performance oriented roles

  • Cm

    errr……… Bollywood life you have show your cheap class again i think the movie was entertaining and energetic the reason you guys gave this film such a poor rating is because everyone knows how much u hate kareena and u will never write anything good about her bollywood lovers please go watch this movie it is good and entertaining .Ajay devagan has done a superb job and kareena brings in the comedy although people prefer prakash raj as the villain but still it is a good movie

    My rating : 3.5 – 4

    • yazz

      the movie is nice n could have been given 3 stars yet bebo’s performance wasnt so natural n her role was limited

      • kkk

        u must be deepika’s fan or priyanka’s .I liked the movie and i liked kareena too..she did a decent job although her role was limited but i must say in her limited role she did a good job

  • AD

    Fuck or review…its awesome movie

  • salman

    Excellent movie kareena kapoor and ajay is very good.

  • Aak

    What rubbish review!! One of the best movies in recent time. Fully entertaining while you watch!! This is what you need while watching movie, Isn’t it?

  • Sahil

    shame on you website owner for posting such a fake review. The movie is awesome and must watch

  • lepep_admirab

    needed amrishn puri type villain