Snoop Dogg: I love Bollywood!

The popular American rapper  is kicked about making future collaborations with Indian actors and artists

Snoop Dogg, who is here on his first India tour, had earlier collaborated with Indian actor Akshay Kumar for 2008 Singh is Kinng“I love Bollywood. I would most definitely want to do something again. I had fun with Akshay Kumar in Singh is Kinng, and I am looking forward to doing it again,” the singer said at a press conference on Thursday.  The 41-year-old also reveals he is looking forward to meeting many producers here. “I am looking forward to meeting many producers here. If any Bollywood directors would love to have me in a movie, I am ready,” he said.

The international celebrity says he is a fan of Bollywood music and dance.  “I am a fan of Bollywood music and dance. It is a great time to do some more work here,” he said. Snoop Dogg’s first concert will be held in Pune on Friday, and he will take to the stage in Gurgaon on Sunday.  He will perform his popular tracks like What’s My Name, Drop it like it’s hot, Gin and juice and Wet and boom.  “I will have a good time in Pune and then I will be going to Delhi. People here have been waiting to see me perform,” said the rapper, who had earlier promised his shows will be the “best party” for Indians.

He admits he is in love with the country and likes the people here too. “India is beautiful! It is everything I expected it to be. The scenery and people are beautiful here,” he said.  Snoop Dogg says his music helps release stress. “My music helps people get through the day. No matter what is going on, my music is like a stress relief,” he said.