Soha Ali Khan: Kunal Khemu is like an onion

Soha Ali Khan recently revealed in an interview the qualities that attract the babe to her current beau – Kunal Khemu

“My upbringing was cushioned and secure and from a position of privilege, his was not and I had respect for him being self-made. I felt secure that since he was able to look after himself and his family, he would also be able to look after me.He is dependable, masculine, reliable, intelligent and honest. I was attracted to his athletic  look and eyes and respect him. He has helped me become clear and made my life simpler. Kunal is like an onion, as in you have to peel all the layers. What’s on the surface is not representative of what he is. I am not an onion and am very much what I am on the surface.”

– Soha Ali Khan 

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