Soha Ali Khan: Kunal (Khemu) is still embracing his bachelor status!

Soha Ali Khan didn’t have a love-at-first-sight experience with Kunal Khemu. But she has found her Mr Right in him

Soha Ali Khan-Kunal Khemu’s relationship isn’t a fairy tale romance filled with sweetness and surprises. Instead it’s as real as the films Soha does, full of romance, arguments and apologies which makes it worth it. The Soundtrack actor in a candid interview to international glossy Verve opens up about her two-year-long relationship with her 99 co-star. Soha says they were not instantly attracted to each other. Love happened slowly. She says, “(The attraction factor was) that he can look after himself, and as an extension, look after me – in spite of all my independence, it’s comforting.” Then they dated like normal young couples and bonded over jokes, work and travel. And today they are at a comfortable and steady stage and though marriage is a natural thing, the couple is not thinking about it yet. “We’ve spoken about marriage but not in a definitive way, more a romantic, what-if kind of way,” reveals Soha and continues, “Kunal is a normal young man; he starts to shiver and go pale when we talk about things like this. He’s still embracing his bachelor status.” But they do behave like married couples who irritate each other, squabble and then reconcile. Both being strong-headed individuals they fight a lot, but it all ends on a happy note. And don’t go by the lady’s petite frame, Kunal has to make-up always. The reason for that, Soha says, “My biggest weakness is my pride. He is very moody. That throws me off sometimes – when that happens, I let him be for a bit.” Don’t you think all these are sure signs of a perfect couple?!