Sohail Khan-Salman Khan go their separate ways?

Sohail Khan-Salman Khan go their separate ways?

Although not estranged from Salman, Sohail Khan will make a film without his superstar brother

Though Salman Khan may be riding a high wave off late with almost every film he does being critically acclaimed or commercially super-successful, things haven’t gone the same route for his siblings. Sure, Arbaaz Khan is turning into a director with Dabangg 2, but his younger brother Sohail Khan has been struggling to make a mark.

Although it is not the first time that Sohail is turning producer, it is the choice of his business partner in the new project that has got people thinking. Sohail plans to produce a film that will be directed by Anees Bazmee. A one-time Salman loyalist, Bazmee had an ugly fight and subsequent falling out with the star on the sets of Ready in Bangkok last year. Bazmee stormed out of the sets and left the film midway, and until now the two are estranged and not even on speaking terms.

Well, it seems to be ceasefire season. First it was Katrina Kaif who went ahead and worked with Shahrukh Khan despite Salman and SRK’s infamous rivalry. Even Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan are known to be regulars at Shahrukh’s parties and have not burnt their bridges, despite Salman’s infamous spat with King Khan. It sure shows that Salman has finally become more mature and less possessive of his near and dear ones… and it’s about time he did that!

Meanwhile, we hope Sohail plays it smart and makes a film soon, so that he too gets a chance to be on par with Salman on merit, and not just ‘coz he’s the superstar’s younger sibling!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sarifa

    Who the hell came up with the headline to this story is deliberately going about misleading the public. Sohail Khan has made other movies without his brother and this is what is so distasteful about reporting they are always trying to drive wedges between families, friends and star and is in very poor taste. The Khan family are a closed knit one and always look to each other for guidance in decision and they all look up to Salman. So malicious gossip is in very poor taste to readers. There is one thing to gossip but when it is set out to destroy relationship it should be avoided the reporter would not like someone to do this to his family.