Sohail Khan will be paid for laughing!

He is the least successful brother of the lot, but needs a gold star for persistence. Now Salman’s sibling will be on Comedy Circus- Comedy Ka Naya Daur as a judge!

Salman Khan’s kid brother Sohail has a new job these days. He is judging a reality show on TV along with Archana Puran Singh, the lady with the laugh so loud that it echoes through the universe. Sohail has also brought along with him an offer that he is going to present to the winner of the season on the show. The offer is a meaty role for the winner in his next movie. Now there is a tiny catch: Sohail is himself a struggler in a way, and has been trying hard to establish his name for the past so many years in the industry. And his new role of God or even guiding angel to aspiring strugglers could be a case of him biting off way more than he could possibly chew. The actor, whose BO duds have outstripped the number of hats he’s donned over the years – as actor, director and producer – is becoming mentor…do we sigh or giggle? Well, we don’t know the fate of the winner yet, or of the potential movie he/she is going to star in, but one thing is absolutely clear – having a relation like Sallu bhai surely has its plus points. So what if Sohail hasn’t been good at whatever he’s done in B-town so far, we give him all benefit of any doubt we may have; after all, he could be fabulous as a telly-ville judge, no? After all, the only thing he has to do is crack up every now and then and mutter mindless comments. How hard could that be?