SOMEDAY trailer: Is it the Indian version of ‘Step Up’?

The one-minute teaser of a new dance film produced by Panch Rupaiya Barah Anna gives that impression

Recently, Shahrukh Khan and Sonam Kapoor tweeted the teaser of a forthcoming film titled, Someday. So we looked it up and found that it turns out to be India’s first international dance movie -very much like Hollywood’s hit movie Step Up. Someday stars the gorgeous model Amrit Maghera and newcomer Saahil Prem, who has also written and directed the film. The promo doesn’t reveal much about the plot except that the film is based on B-boying. This is a popular street dance among the African, American and Latino youth in New York City. While B-boying has been an international rage for quite sometime, it has now begun to catch on slowly among the Indian youth as well. Check out the teaser and see if you like what appears to be the desi version of Step Up. Tell us what you think!