SON OF SARDAAR song Bichdann: Does Sonakshi Sinha ditch Ajay Devgn?

Watch the sad song from director Ashwani Dhir’s funny revenge drama

So far, from what we have seen of Ajay Devgn’s Diwali attraction, Son Of Sardaar, we thought it would be an all-out madcap entertainer. It seems that we were mistaken; watch the Bichdann song from the film and you will know why. For some reason best known to the makers of SOS, they have labeled it the ‘Biggest Love Song of 2012’. We heard Bichdann and we must say that it is a good sad song, perfect for those jilted in love.

Picturised in the home of SOS’ bad guy Sanjay Dutt’s villa, the song has catchy couplets thrown in for good measure. Bichdann is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, written by Sameer Anjaan and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The video is slightly confusing – does leading lady Sonakshi Sinha ditch Devgn, or do they get married and walk into the sunset, hand in hand? And then there is Sanjay Dutt, who would rather let his sister elope with his enemy than slay him because ‘Mehman bhagwan ka roop hota hai‘ (Guests are God’s in disguise).

Do listen to the song – Himesh, Sameer and Rahat have made it sweetly sad. But ‘Biggest Love Song of 2012’… you tell us if you agree!

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