Sonakshi sacrifices her girl-next-door image for an item song in ‘Joker’

The Dabangg girl gives the nod to an item song. Has she finally surrendered to Bollywood’s idea of sexiness?

Many female actors enter B-town claiming to make it on their own terms and eventually give in to the demands of the industry. Sonakshi Sinha is no different. The young actor has finally decided to move out of her comfort zone and up her sex appeal. Shatrughan Sinha’s little princess will shake the booty to her own Munni-style item number in Shirish Kunder’s Joker. That’s not all; Farah Khan is having sleepless nights as her filmmaker-husband wants Sonakshi’s song to be hotter than her previous chartbusters Sheila and Munni. This definitely comes as a surprise since at the beginning of her career Sonakshi had claimed that she would want to keep her girl-next-door image and promote the idea of Indian beauty. She had also said that she would not fall prey to Bollywood’s idea of sexy – the skin show and item numbers. It seems like someone’s forgotten old promises! Well, Shotgun junior’s need to appear sexy is not just for the screen, but also for the public dos where she’s spotted in international designer outfits. Didn’t Sonakshi say she loved her Indian image? Also, what’s with the bare back photographs for magazine covers? Well, this U-turn was expected. The Indian heroine can’t stay away from the glitz and glamour onscreen and off it. So even though Sonakshi might say she is doing it her own way but we aren’t really buying it anymore. Whether this move towards glam-hood works for her or not, only time will tell! What we are wondering about though is if daddy dearest has approved her sexy move or not.