Sonakshi Sinha: Apart from Akshay, Salman is someone who I would do a film based on a phone call!

The Rowdy Rathore gal’s next with Akshay Kumar is all set to hit the theatres. And while she is busy promoting Holiday, we had a nice chat with her. Here’s what she had to say

Sonakshi Sinha has evolved as an actor since her debut in Dabangg. The actor’s next Holiday with Akshay Kumar will hit the theatres on June 6. We had a chance to interact with her before the film’s release and here’s the conversation… Dressed in a casual black tee and blue pants, Sonakshi looked quite pretty as she entered the room. And first thing that this actor noticed is the food on the table. She exclaimed, “Samose” and eyed them with food-love-struck eyes. And when I offered them to her, she immediately said no. Of course, coz she wants to maintain her newly attained hot n curvaceous frame. And no prizes for guessing that then the conversation started off with her weight…

Did you lose weight because of all things people said about you ?

All those things didn’t affect me. I lost weight cause I wanted to and not because of pressure from anywhere or all that was being written about me. I just felt like doing it for myself.

You have said that you would like to be cast in a sports-based film…

Yes, definitely. Because I myself have played a lot of sports while growing up. I still play some sports. I feel that I have the body-language of a sportsperson in me, so it wouldn’t look put on or fake.

Tell us about your experience of working on Holiday..

I enjoyed working with Murugadoss Sir (A.R. Murugadoss). It was an entirely new experience because he comes with the prefixed notion that this is what my scene is, this is what I want my actors to do and this is how I know how to extract it from them. So for me, it was different because there was less scope for improvisation in this film because he knows exactly what he wants. He did it for us. Whatever he did performance-wise, he got it out of us. Usually you are given the freedom to do what you want.

Were you made to watch the original version Thuppakki?

I’ve watched the film but he didn’t tell me that you have to do exactly this.

The Hindi version (Holiday) was planned before Thuppakki

Yes, it was planned before but Akshay (Kumar) Sir was busy. When they approached him, they only had the first half and by the time the second half was ready, he had already started shooting for another film.

Do you share a certain comfortable relationship or understand the sensibility well of South filmmakers because you have worked with A.R. Murugadoss and Prabhu Dheva…

Yes, I have worked with them quite a bit. I have done four films with South Indian directors and they do have a slightly different style of working. One main observation I have made is that, they are much quicker and much clearer in what they want. The shoot gets over in no time. They are very fast with their style of working.

You’ve already started working with Rajinikanth for your Tamil debut Lingaa. How’s it going?

Great! Fantastic! I don’t think I could have asked for a better debut in Tamil films. What can be better than the Rajinikanth himself. Our first schedule was fantastic. I had a very nice time. It was an entirely new world for me, a new language, new people, new places and I loved it!

This is your fourth film with Akshay, how has your work relationship with him changed since the first film ?

When I did my first film with him, I was really new. I started shooting with him just after Dabangg. This has really been my training ground as I haven’t had any formal training in acting. Whatever I have learnt, I have learnt on the sets and while working, and I am learning till today. We have a very good working rapport right from our first film. We work very well together. We are both very professional and punctual people. We don’t give anybody trouble on the sets. Our producers and directors are very happy with us. Also, the audience has appreciated our pairing. Rowdy Rathore did very well, OUATIMD might not have done that well but our chemistry was appreciated even in a film that didn’t do well. I guess that’s why people like to see us together and cast us together.

Akshay has said that what he likes about you is that you don’t waste time in the makeup van. What is the one quality in him that you really like?

What I like about Akshay is that he is very calm, nothing fazes him. Any situation, anything that happens, he will approach it in a calm manner. I have never seen him get angry even once in the four films that I have worked with him. He is a very calm person and he has a certain aura which is very positive.There was a time when I worked with Akshay and Salman for the first time, I guess you form a certain camaraderie and rapport with someone after you meet them. Of course, after the first time it does get better and easier. That happens during the film. You meet them for the first time only on the first day, after that you meet them every single day and you form a good rapport.

How did you physically train for your role in Holiday?

Luckily, I didn’t have to because I have always been a sportsperson. I played a lot of sports in school and college. For boxing, yes I had to undergo training. I have never attempted boxing before Holiday. Murugadoss Sir wanted it to look very realistic, believable and convincing. Akshay Sir introduced me to Vijender Singh, who showed me the basic body language of a boxer. He showed me how to throw a punch and make it look strong and convincing. I think I have the frame and personality to carry it off. Murugadoss Sir was happy. In fact I enjoyed it so much that now I have added it to my workout regime. 3-4 times a week, I box. I have a punching bag at home, I have a trainer who comes and trains me in boxing.

How is Tevar shaping up? Talk about your chemistry with Arjun Kapoor?

Fantastic! I think Tevar is one film I am really looking forward to because our director Amit Sharma is fantastic. He has done some amazing ads, very heart touching, the Google one, the Lifebuoy ad in which a man is walking on his hands going to a temple coz his child turned 5-years-old. He makes some really nice stuff that people can connect to and I think Tevar being his first feature film, he is making it exactly like that, so that people can actually sit and relate to the characters. They are very realistic, like real people and very relatable cinema.

What was your experience working with Govinda?

Quite nice. I used to go for his daughter’s birthday parties as a kid so he was like oh no I am working with her. It was nice actually and all these people have been so supportive and because they have known my parents they are so happy to see me succeed like this. He’s really good at what he does. For me it was a learning experience to watch him and learn, the way he acts, the way he improvises, dances, till today.

You have worked with both Ranveer and Arjun, tell us how different is it working with both the actors?

They are actually quite different from each other. Ranveer is energetic. Arjun is more calm.

Will you be doing more films like Lootera?

I would love to. I am just waiting for the right film to come along. Very soon I will make an announcement of a woman-oriented film. Watch this space!

Apart from Akshay is there any other actor who you would do a film based on a phone call ?

I think Salman Khan can call me anytime because of course, he is the person who introduced me to the industry, to my destiny actually, to my profession which I didn’t know I wanted to be a part of until I actually did it. I owe my entire career to him and his family. And Akshay of course, we have this good rapport, we have done four films together.