Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t want to marry an actor!

And what about dating filmi men? We hope that’s not a strict no-no. Otherwise there will be at least one broken heart in tinselville, and there are no prizes for guessing whose heart it will be

Marriage is nowhere on the horizon for the one-film old Sonakshi Sinha, but it’s always interesting to get a perspective on relationships from a newbie. Isn’t it? Also, it makes interesting fodder for future gossip. And in case they do a volte face we are sure to have a field day! So here it goes… The Dabangg debutant was asked in an interview if she would settle down with an actor. Pat came her reply, “No.” Isn’t it shocking considering she is an actor herself and belongs to a filmi family? But the curvaceous lady likes to keep it different. Sonakshi feels that being born and brought up in the film industry and then working in the movies, makes her existence just way too filmi to handle. So to break away from it all she wants a man who can provide her a non-filmi and a different perspective on life. She’s not the only one though who believes it’s best to settle down with someone from a non-film background. Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Sonam Kapoor have all said in their interviews that they would prefer a life partner from outside the industry. It could be because these actors have burnt their fingers by being in relationships with actors. But we wonder why Sonakshi is shooing away her good-looking male costars by making such statements. She should have at least thought about poor Ranveer Singh! Come on, Sonakshi, you could at least date the film folks if not marry them. Right, Ranveer?