Sonakshi Sinha gets a relief from papa’s deadlines

Sonakshi and her brothers Luv – Kush will move out of the family abode into their independent apartments this Diwali

Most Indian children never leave their parent’s house till they are married. ‘Coz after all, we are all about loving our family. Remember, on David Letterman’s chat show the host taunted Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for still living with her parents. Anyway, times are changing and so are Indian families. One of them is the Sinha clan. The family bungalow ‘Ramayan’ is being reconstructed into a building with apartments, of which one will be for Sonakshi and one for twin-brothers Luv and Kush. The Dabangg girl’s parents feel it is time to let their kids live their own lives. Sonakshi’s mom, Poonam Sinha said in an interview to a tabloid that they have been considering giving independent spaces to their children for a long time, but her daughter’s work schedules pushed them to put their words in to action. Currently, the family is living elsewhere and will move into the new building in Diwali. Apparently, Sonakshi has already made plans to have a housewarming party for friends. All that is good, but what we’d like to know is does that mean Sonakshi will no longer have to adhere to the deadline set by her dad? Apparently Shotgun Sinha insists that his daughter has to be home by 1 am, be it work or party. The deadline had once created problems for Shirish Kunder who was filming with Sonakshi for Joker. The filmmaker had to take permission from his leading lady’s father to let her shoot till late in the night. Now you know what we mean. So, does that mean she no longer has to follow her parent’s diktats!