Sonakshi Sinha goes flat!

No more heels for the young actor who is dealing with a knee injury

Sonakshi Sinha might want to curse her days of being overweight for this one! The Sinha girl has suddenly developed a knee problem, which flared up on the sets of Shirish Kunder’s Joker in Chandigarh. Being a true professional though, she has not let the shooting schedule be affected in any way. She has been shooting non-stop throughout and has been propped up by painkillers. One thing is for sure, pills or no pills, Sonakshi won’t be able to wear heels for a long time to come. The doctor has advised her to wear only flat shoes and sandals for the next couple of months. While Bipasha Basu suffered a severe knee injury due to overdoing the exercise routines, Sonakshi’s probably stems from the weight issues she battled earlier. Guess she could refer to Bips’ fitness DVD to stay in shape and fix her bad knee, or maybe Lara’s or even Shilpa’s…!