Posted Wed, August 27, 2014 2:00pm IST

We couldn’t help but notice how bronzed out she’s looked in the Yo Yo Honey Singh video

We love Sonakshi Sinha for daring to be different. She’s definitely tried to break the mould and take a risk by doing a lavish music video with Yo Yo Honey Singh on his recently released Desi Kalakaar track from his new album XXX.

While the production values and cinematography had us impressed, we were appalled by Sonakshi’s make up for the song. Whoever is responsible for doing her touch up has gone overboard with the tanning lotion and made her look extra bronze (read orange!).

This look is quite popular with Latinos, especially Jennifer Lopez who has rocked it quite well in many of her music videos. But Sonakshi’s make up artist seems to have got carried away in an effort to try and make her look gangsta!

We love you Sona, but next time please go easy on the tan!