Sonakshi Sinha in a new avatar! View pics!

Posted Wed, November 13, 2013 3:57pm IST

The Dabangg babe looks impressive in her regular voluptuous avatar, but the moment she tries to go western she puts us off. Watch Sona’s recently shot pictures and tell us if you agree with us

Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t look her age. The babe is much younger than she looks, we mean! There’s no doubt in our collective minds that Sona is a fine performer. She made an impression right from the word go. While she impressed us by playing an authentic village belle in Dabangg, she surprised us (in a good way) with her fabulous performance in Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera.

Ms Sinha certainly has the confidence and the curves to play some really interesting characters. But the moment she tries to shy away from her popular desi image-which suits her best, by the way- and tries to be a hot babe she makes us go urghhh… And here she is, at it, once again!

If the heavily embroidered see through sleeves of her odd looking black top and the dark shade of her pout make Sona look odd (to put it gently), the oversized glasses and the kimono-kinda-gown don’t exactly make her look steamy either. And don’t us even get started on those horrible stilettos, the dark nail colour and her supposedly-sizzling thunder thighs.

Looks like Sona is all set receive the notorious Banana Awards ala Vidya Balan for her style sense(or lack of it!)


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  • Mindy

    When she wears Desi clothes people will say she needs to wear Western clothes. When she wears Western clothes, now you’re saying she needs to wear Desi clothes. And why write an article just to put down someone else’s looks? Someone who happens to be really pretty too. And I think she looks really good in Western clothes by the way

  • akhil

    I think this artcle was totally lame….i mean she so good even in her westrn atire…im sure that the publisher sceriously hates her

  • caroline

    Fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! you go girl!! just beautiful i do not know what this so cold journalist has against you dear but you rock!

  • olla

    She looks gorgeous and come on man she pulls the dress of well and I think you should cut some slack man! She is really appropriate and naturally beautiful and I am pretty sure none of us went ‘urgh’ as you suggested.

  • akshat

    the journaliist along with the article should give his name and identity so that the public has a fair chance to criticize him/her.what a waste of the position of a journalist.

  • abidzaheer


  • Dana

    What a nasty and pointless article! She looks great, healthy and sexy. Much better role model for young girls than size zero. Leave her alone.