Sonakshi Sinha not the real reason for Ranveer-Anushka split?

Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh have a sizzling chemistry on screen but off screen it’s a whole different story. The actors argue, fight, but still claim to be good friends. Is Sonakshi the reason? Read on to find out

Sonakshi Sinha had proclaimed loudly on chat shows and interviews that she found Ranveer Singh hot and would like to date the actor. While the media went berserk with Sonakshi’s bold statements, Anushka was irritated and Ranveer’s dance with Sonakshi for the IIFA only added fuel to the fire. According to the rumour mills, the couple had a huge fight over it and called off their alleged relationship. But Anushka and Ranveer’s recent statements confused us. While Ranveer still shows signs of being smitten by Anushka, her beauty, intelligence, and independence; Anushka seems to be maintaining her distance. On her chemistry with Ranveer she said, “After doing one film with him, the comfort level is better this time. We have more respect for each other and know when to give each other space when required.” But, how are things off screen and what’s cooking between the two? “Nothing! The media just seems to be doing an excellent job as filmmakers. It was the media’s creative rumours that made us a couple, made us fight and bring in poor Sonakshi into the scene. I am waiting what they will say next.” So what’s the real scene with Sonakshi? And Ranveer replies, “I have met Sonakshi only on four occasions that too for the promotion of our upcoming film. We are just friends, not even close friends.” So if there is nothing brewing between Sonakshi and Ranveer, why did the couple split? Alas! That’s an answer we’ll probably never get. While we believe that Anushka-Ranveer make an awesome pair, the duo doesn’t seem to think so. Let’s wait and watch what happens next!