Sonakshi Sinha to be cast opposite Hrithik Roshan in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo-Daro?

Sonakshi Sinha to be cast opposite Hrithik Roshan in Ashutosh Gowariker’s Mohenjo-Daro?

While Katrina Kaif’s name is topping Gowarikar’s list of actors opposite Hrithik, Sona is the latest entrant among the contenders

A little birdie tells us that Sonakshi Sinha is keen to be a part of Ashutosh Gowariker’s mega project Mohenjo-Daro. While Hrithik Roshan has been finalised as the male lead, there’s quite a buzz about who will play the Greek God’s leading lady in the film. We’d heard that Katrina Kaif was being strongly considered for the period drama but now we hear that she will be facing competition from the Dabangg girl Sonakshi.

A source close to Sonakshi was quoted by a popular daily, “Sonakshi had an over hour-long meeting with Ashutosh a few days ago and discussed the intricacies of the role. She is quite kicked about the part as it is something she hasn’t attempted yet.” The source added, “Hrithik has already been confirmed. If Ashutosh locks Sonakshi, it will be the first time the two will be seen as a jodi on screen.”

Well now it’s still unclear who will be Gowariker’s choice for Mohenjo-Daro, but does he think Sona is fit for the role? The same source said, “The role requires the leading lady to look exotic, but in a very Indian way. Sonakshi looks the part. However, Ashutosh will take a final call once he wraps up the TV show on Mt Everest, which he is producing.”

Hmmm… We have already seen Hrithik and Katrina work opposite each other and their chemistry was sizzling, wasn’t it? Sonakshi and Hrithik would be a fresh pair, but will they be able to rock the big screen? You tell us BollywoodLifers, who would you like to see opposite Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo-DaroKatrina Kaif or Sonakshi Sinha?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • dhary

    priyanka n hrithik would rock n suit the part mosttly

    • rani

      I think sona will rock with Duggu. She even had a crush on Hrithik.

  • Lily

    Awesome! Sona is suited for these kind of period roles, and so is Hrithik. They will look fantastic onscreen

  • BranUbiba

    wish it was Sonam Kapoor .. I’m Dying to see her with Hrithik.. God Hear my Prayers

  • Nitasha Ahmed

    sonakshi will look prefect with Hrithik. period roles suited her

  • meghana

    just for a fresh pairing i think sona and duggu!!!!!

  • Anon

    YES, please. Sona looks good with most actors. Plus she and Duggu would make a lovely pair in terms of eye-candy, at least. The chemistry will be judged when the promos are out!

  • Anon

    not Katrina, please…. at least Sonakshi has that ethnic beauty about her which will be really interesting to see in a period drama starring Hrithik who can also look and act very ethnic…. I”m definitely for this pairing.

  • Avani


  • z

    Sonakshi sinha is Mohenjo-Daro Even a blind will agree.

  • prash

    I would love to see aishwarya again with hrithik as they look best together.

    • Karan

      All the actresses look good with Hrithik, whether its Kareena, Preity, Ameesha, Asihwarya, Priyanka, Katrina etc.

  • hrithikrules

    why not asutosh gwarekor is taking aiswarya rai bachhan again oposite hrithik .
    the jodi will rock more than other even better than sona,kat,pc .he must approach aiswarya.

    • Karan

      Even Aish at this age, looks and can act better than overweighted, I mean overrated Sonakshi.

  • hrithikchoice

    take anyone but don’t take deepika padukone against hrithik please it’s a humble request from myside. i don’t like my hero romancing opposite her.

  • Karan

    LOL some people are suggesting that Sonakshi suits to this role, I can’t remember the last time Sonakshi starring in a period film. She never did! In fact I can’t remember her last time ever doing something different from typical masala, senseless craps.
    Ashutosh never leaves any stone unturned for his project and makes it grand, so I don’t see him casting her UNLESS he’s forced to, which I don’t see either since many top actresses want to get this role opposite to Hrithik.
    I do welcome a fresh pair with Hrithik, but it doesn’t have to be Sonakshi, why not Anushka, Deepika, Sonam etc?

  • Karan

    “The role requires the leading lady to look exotic, but in a very Indian way. Sonakshi looks the part.”

    I don’t find Sonakshi exotic in any way. In fact she’s irritating on screen with his similar roles, similar dialogues, similar activities in similar type of movies.

  • Cattypuss

    Now why would Ashu pair Hrithik with Katrina? She’s already done ZDMD and now Bang Bang with Hrithik .Would be boring as to watch them again. I would like to see Hrithik with a completely new face,and a face that reflects the Mohenjodaro-Harappa look. This movie has BO gold written all over it. It has the capacity to outstrip Jodhaa Akbar if all goes well.