Sonakshi Sinha turns Pakhi for Lootera: Watch making

Filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane and his movie’s costume designer reveal the secret behind Sona’s retro look

For those who can’t stop raving about Sonakshi Sinha’s retro look in the period drama, Lootera, here’s what went into giving Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter a whole new look. In this exclusive video of the making, the director Vikramaditya Motwane talks about Sona’s transformation. “Sonakshi’s character Pakhi likes to be presentable and look pretty. Since the film is set in the 1950s, Sonakshi has donned a retro look. The colourful clothes aren’t extremely loud as far as Sonakshi’s personality is concerned. There’s a sense of subtlety but there’s a sense of presentation as well,” says the filmmaker.

Considering it’s a period film, extra attention has been given to the costumes, accessories and the overall look. Subarna Ray Chaudhuri, the costume designer, says, “We have used cotton and handloom saris for Sonakshi along with some Bengali and Benarasi silk ones for special occasions. We have tried lots of jewelleries like juda, jhumkas, long bindis and chotis along with some other hair accessories to give Sonakshi an authentic Bengali look. She looked very Bengali and it doesn’t look as if she’s taking the pain of wearing a sari and roaming around.”

Motwane is all praise for Sinha, not ‘coz she stars in his film, but ‘coz she’s effortless and spontaneous in front of the camera. He says, “She’s very photogenic, pretty and a good actor. Very rarely you could see a bad angle of hers. She was extremely confident and not conscious of what people think of what she should be doing. She just does the shot perfectly.”

Watch the video of the making and tell us if Sonakshi will walk away with all the accolades for her role as Pakhi!