Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead causes ‘big’ sensation

Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead causes ‘big’ sensation

The Joker actor has become the butt of all jokes on Twitter, but she takes it sportingly

Twitter is a strange website, especially when it comes to random subjects that start trending for no particular reason. The latest B-town celeb to become a punching bag on the micro-blogging site is Sonakshi Sinha. Hordes of people are cracking jokes about her forehead and some of them are being really nasty with their one-liners.

Here are some of the tweets that caught our attention:

RajyaSabha adjourned due to a foul smell? Why can’t they just hold the session on ‘The Upper House’, On SonakshiSinha’sForehead

SonakshiSinha’s forehead declared World heritage site by UNESCO

A platoon of lice got lost and were trying to reach SonakshiSinha’s brows, they died after a week of travel; miles of barren forehead.

DLF and Unitech in a court battle over the real estate on SonakshiSinha’s forehead.

If in case it rains, we can always use SonakshiSinha’s shiny forehead as a pitch

SonakshiSinha’s forehead is being considered to be renamed Buddh International Circuit.

London borrows SonakshiSinha’s forehead to create world’s first portable Olmpic Track.”

If SonakshiSinha’s working in a 3D movie , her forehead would still be viewed in 2D

Only NargisFakhri can kiss SonakshiSinha’s forehead completely

So that’s where Shatrughan came up with the famous “Abe Chapad-ganju” line!! SonakshiSinha’s forehead.

Sona took these tweets in good humour and said, “SonakshiSinha’s forehead is mighty pleased ;) gnitefunny people!” A wise guy tweeted, “The fact that we’re still discussing SonakshiSinha’s forehead should tell Pakistan that it needn’t build missiles. We are doomed anyway.” Guess there couldn’t be a better way to put an end to this silly trend.Subscribe to me on YouTube