Sonam and Shahid at their diplomatic best on ‘KBC 5’

And why not, it’s all a part of the promotional game for their upcoming movie Mausam

Sonam and Shahid recently appeared on KBC 5 to promote their next film Mausam. Apart from answering Amitabh Bachchan’s questions on the show, they also spoke to the media. And must say that the two were extremely sweet and saccharine; answering every question in a very diplomatic way. Shahid dismissed the onscreen lip-lock between them as a mere intimate scene and said that the movie is much more than that. But it seems like Sonam’s patience did run out after a point as she came very close to a brawl with a journo who asked her about a rift with Shahid during the shooting. Shahid though went on and on with a fake smile on his face despite a volley of infuriating questions. Watch this spicy video for more fun and gossip on the Mausam stars.