Sonam Kapoor’s fashion sense goes awry in ‘Mausam’

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion sense goes awry in ‘Mausam’

Sonam Kapoor’s beautiful face and tall frame make for a visual treat, but the style diva’s clothes take a beating in Mausam

In interviews, Sonam Kapoor couldn’t stop lauding her designer Anamika Khanna, the same lady who has been styling her since the Saawariya days, for dressing her up in Pankaj Kapur’s Mausam. After watching the movie, you tend to disagree with the leading lady. During the period set in Punjab, Sonam’s dresses in salwar kameezes. They might be well-designed outfits, but got hidden in woven shawls or ugly sweaters. You think, maybe it had to do with the small town backdrop. But no, the stylist and actor’s fashion sense seems misplaced even when Sonam moves to Scotland. The traditional Indian wear gets replaced by the classic English dresses. Sorry to say, but the fashionista Sonam looks more like a granny in those fuddy duddy outfits, black stockings and a rose tucked behind the ear. We are sure even the youth that reside in Edinburgh dress more realistically. From there on, Sonam’s clothes changes as per her location. It’s been ten years since Sonam and Shahid’s character met, so now she steps out in sarees to appear mature. Sonam does dress like an ordinary girl would in real life, but then that doesn’t take too much styling skills. Anyway, one must thank Anamika Khanna for not glaming up the actor too much. Although, we don’t think Sonam’s styling in Mausam will set any trends like Saawariya or Aisha did.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Suzie

    ARE YOU CRAZY!? She looked beautiful in every scene! The styling of clothing reflects the year they are in. I would like to see what you were wearing in the 90s! Flop article, you are no pinkvilla

  • Ani

    What a loser u r? She is a style icon in real life and not in reel life. She will wear what the story requires. She plays a Kashmiri girl from 90′s; do u expect her to wear Michael Kors and jimmy choo.

  • Leonardo

    I have a T-shirt with ‘I can see your lips moving,but all I hear is blah blah blah’ preintd on it.If Sonam Kapoor ever honoured me with her company,I have a feeling I’d be wearing it a lot. All this reminds me of Saki’s character Reginald,who couldn’t arrive at eighteen till his mother remained at thirty nine.And so he was 17 for three birthdays,to be mathematically exact.