Sonam Kapoor auctions her clothes for a charity that supports poor children

The fashionista of B-town has stepped into Santa Claus’ big boots by deciding to put her designer wear to some noble use this Christmas. And here’s how she did it…

Actor Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her stylish dressing, announced an online auction of some of her clothes on Saturday for charity this Christmas.

She will auction her clothes on her friend-cum-stylist Pernia Qureshi’s online fashion boutique – Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. The proceeds will go towards Smile Foundation, an NGO which works to support poor children.

“Pernia and I wanted to do something for children this season. So we thought it would be great if I give like 50 pieces from my wardrobe and the proceeds go to Smile Foundation,” Sonam said in an interview. The actor wants this money to be used to provide education to children.

“Pernia wanted to associate this with charity and I wanted to do something for education. This will go towards Smile Foundation to educate kids,” she said. Sonam has been involved in charitable acts earlier as well. But this is the first time she has announced to give away some of her clothes.

“Pernia and me really believe in this. It is a great idea for people to go and check it out. We are waiting for the traffic for all the social networking sites to come there,” she said.

Now isn’t that a really good deed? We think it totally is. What about you, readers?