Sonam Kapoor-Fawad Khan starrer Khoobsurat copy of American film What a Girl Wants?

The romantic comedy is believed to be a rip off of Amanda Bynes starrer What a Girl Wants

Disney’s first film Khoobsurat starring Sonam Kapoor and Zindagi Gulzar Hai fame Fawad Khan, recently saw the release of its trailer. However, it has received a lukewarm response with some insisting that the plot of the film comes across as a rip off of the hit American film What a Girl Wants starring Amanda Bynes and The King’s Speech actor Colin Firth.

Here are the probable reasons why the film is being called a rip off of the American rom-com:

Vikram Rathore vs Lord Henry Dashwood

Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat plays a royal prince named Vikram Rathore, who is used to his princely ways and kingly pursuits. His character in the film is being compared to that of Lord Henry Dashwood(Colin Firth) from What a Girl Wants , where he was an aspiring candidate for the post of Prime Mister after giving up his seat in the House of Lords. Though both the characters are different in terms of their designations, the personality traits like the “prim and proper” appeal they have, make the two come across as similar.

Milli Chakravarty vs Daphne Reynolds

Sonam Kapoor plays a Physiotherapist in Khoobsurat who is whacky, funky and isn’t aware of the worldly ways. She spends time with a royal family and comes across as an absolute misfit with her sloppy behavior and inappropriate gestures. This trait of hers is being compared to Amanda Bynes’ character of Daphne Reynolds in What a Girl Wantswhere she played the same role of an awkward girl who attempted to fit into her father’s seemingly perfect world but eventually gave up and took to her old habits.

Rhea Kapoor’s spokesperson when contacted about the same, said to a popular daily, “No, the Hollywood film has a completely different storyline.”

Well rip off or not, we certainly would want to see how this royal fairytale shapes up!