Sonam Kapoor: I like pretty clothes, so what?

The Players actor says she dresses for herself and not for any guy, and reveals why she is yet to wear a bikini onscreen

Fashionista. Style icon. Style diva. Sonam Kapoor’s innovative looks have landed her many such titles and she’s lived up to all of them. So naturally you’ll expect that she loves clothes. She admitted that much to us recently. However, she also said something else that we would like to see all her young female fans take seriously. Sonam made it very clear to us that she buys her clothes with her own money, and not with her father’s. While that might or might not be true, here’s what impressed us – “Others invest in real estate, I buy pretty clothes. So what? I like looking pretty for myself, not for some boy.” Isn’t that great? The formerly overweight actor also said that it will be a while before she dons a bikini, like her Players co-star Bipasha Basu. “I don’t have the body for a bikini. I have cellulite on my legs and cottage cheese thighs!” she laughs. “I worked hard to come down from 90kgs. I want to eat chocolate and rice occasionally, which I can’t if I have to wear a bikini. I don’t have any inhibitions. When I am comfortable, I will do it, but I will have to take three or four months off from work and really work on my body.” Then she said something that threw us off, coming from a Bollywood actor known for her glamorous, stylish outfits. “You don’t need to wear a bikini to look hot. You can look hot and amazing wearing normal clothes. It’s a matter of perception and attitude.” That’s something we would love to see other female actors emulate. Won’t you?