Sonam Kapoor’s look in Cannes: Unsurprising

Sonam Kapoor’s look in Cannes: Unsurprising

The babe has kept it classic and elegant on the Cannes red carpet this year. But where’s the ooh-la-la factor?

For once Sonam Kapoor falls flat on her face when it comes to bringing something new to the table in terms of style. We have absolutely no qualms in saying that Ms Kapoor is supremely predictable when it comes to fashion. And with every appearance she’s made at Cannes this year, she has taken a route that’s conventional and boring. So as we were skimming through her pictures at the Cannes International Film Festival 2012, we realised that the actor is way too fashion conscious to go off the beaten track. And honestly, we have stopped expecting her to.

Here’s what we like and dislike about the look that she opted for at the closing ceremony and ‘Therese Desqueyroux’ premiere.

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  • Anup

    Totally crappy… yuck!

    red lipstick and those nails + shoe and black black… She looks like a bloody VAMPIRE!

  • Ralph

    WHO EVER wrote this piece is a TOTAL moron!
    Actually it IS a surprising look for her, the high ruffled neck does that.

    Please go back to school and then come back as a fashion writer..

  • maria

    bollywood life has no work but to just make sonam down anyway.worst site ever.lagta hain ki sonam in logon ko kisi baat par khafa kar chuka hain isiliye they never write anything good about her.nd i want 2 say 2 dis site dat we didnt wanted ur views abt any matter we jst want news.isi tarah kisiko gaali dene se aap logon ko koi faida nahin hoga.