Sonam-Shahid: friends or foes?

It’s difficult to define the relationship between Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. There are times when the two look extremely comfortable in each other’s company. And then, at other times, the friction between them is so obvious that however hard they try and cover it up, it’s still visible

Recently, on a game show, Shahid and Sonam were seen making cracks about each other every now and then. If we had to describe the confab between them, it looked like they were playing the ‘who takes the better dig’ game. Not too long ago, they made an appearance in an interview and were so sweet and saccharine to each other that the host had to try really hard to incorporate something controversial to spice up his show. Apparently during the shoot as well, Pankaj Kapoor (director of Mausam) asked them to write love letters to each other to build up the chemistry between them. Now Shahid and Sonam are really confusing us with their vicious weapons and sweet diplomatic tactics. Are they foes who endure each other only because they have to play the promotional game for their movie? Or they are just buddies who quarrel every once in a while and forget about it later? Well, while we try and figure out the ambivalent relationship between these two, they can continue playing the boring fencing game.