Soni Razdan’s Love Affair to include character inspired by Ram Jethmalani?

While it’s old goss that Alia Bhatt’s mother is making a film based on the popular Nanavati case, here’s the latest

Not so long time ago, we told you that Arjun Rampal has given a nod to Soni Razdan’s next, Love Affair. The movie’s plot is said to be inspired by the 1959 K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra. Now we hear that the film will include a character similar to Ram Jethmalani, the Special Public Prosecutor in the murder case. Soni told a daily, “Yes, there is an important character in the film inspired by Ram Jethmalani. He will be played by Chandan Roy Sanyal.”

When asked about Jethmalani, Soni Razdan said, “He turned out to be a great source of information. His mind is razor sharp and he regaled us with many anecdotes.”

Producer Pooja Bhatt said, “I was the one who suggested Chandan’s name to Soni. He is a remarkable actor and perfect for the role. He will be called Ram Jaisinghani in the film.” However, she adds, “We are not making a film on the Nanavati Case per se. We are just taking portions from a real life incident that riveted the nation in the late 50s.”

On asking lawyer Jethmalani, if Chandan would do justice to the role, he said, “What if I say ‘No’? Still, I shall not object to his portrayal.” While he acknowledged that he knows about the movie, he said, “But I will not interfere with the film. I never trespass into areas of creativity.”

K. M. Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra was a 1959 controversial case, where Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati, a Naval Commander was tried for the murder of Prem Ahuja, his wife’s lover. Now, let’s wait and watch how similar is Razdan’s upcoming film Love Story to this case…