Sonu Nigam announces retirement over contract issue with T-Series

The melodious singer tweeted and opened up about the contractual issues he was facing with T-Series which is why he got fed up and announced retirement from music

Today after a clash with T-series, Sonu Nigam hurriedly declared his retirement from music, which has left his passionate fans surprised and concerned. In those tweets he had also spoken about his annoyance over the contractual issues. The melodious singer urged people to take up the matter and support his cause just like everyone has supported the distress of the LGBT society. Let’s go through some of Sonu’s tweets and we hope he would come back from his retirement and give us many more harmonious tracks:

~ Just about to go on stage in Singapore, so can’t talk… but it’s not my decision. Its a collective decision of the fraternity to abstain from illegal and feudal like contracts. Rest later…

~ All of us used to sign until we were made aware about the illegality of the contracts. If I show u a sample of the contract they make composers, lyrics writers and singers sign, you’ll faint. We can all end up in the jail in the future. They r lucky that the press hasn’t gotten into the depth of the matter. It’s feudal, humiliating and illegal,and can only end up in tedious and deliberate court cases for nuisance value. Who wants to get into it.?

~ I’d rather sit at home and do Yoga than get into this mess. Shekhar ji is a good man, and understands our compulsions. I’ve asked him to get my voice dubbed by anyone who agrees to sign this… I’m sure the music will speak for itself.

~ So actually I think it is time for me to announce my retirement from film music.

~ Rape is crime..of course. So we talk about it. So verbally abusing Shreya Ghoshal’s manager (maa behen ki gaaliyaan) isn’t? 4 not signing!

~ What we are asking for. .is already given to us by the constitution. They r merely trying to take it away through fractured contracts.

~ My parents didn’t give birth 2 me, 2 be subservient to a music company just because I can sing.

~ You have to hear my song in Heartless. .. it’s the soul of the film. Shame that Shekhar ji has to suffer bcuz of all this.