Sonu Niigaam’s son joins ‘Kolaveri di’ brigade

Since Dhanush’s song Why this kolaveri di was first uploaded, many versions of it have been doing the rounds. The latest by Nevaan Nigam is the cutest by far

Dhanush’s Tamil song Why this Kolaveri di from the film 3 has become a rage. Reactions from B-town have been diverse – some like Amitabh Bachchan have praised the song and others like Javed Akhtar have rubbished the song outright. However, the video on Sony BMG’s official YouTube channel has already received 16 million hits. A bit of this success can also be attributed to the fact that many people have created their own version of the song in various languages and styles. There is the hugely popular Gujarati version and another one where girls respond to the question, Why this kolaveri di? The latest version that has caught the fancy of people has Sonu Niigaam’s four-year-old son Nevaan singing the song at a recording studio, complete with headphones and a mike. The little boy is very cute and has you laughing out loud with his natural expressions and admiring his singing talent. Nevaan also seems to have inherited his father’s charm as he effortlessly captures your heart. Add to that, the shooting style of the video has several similarities with the Dhanush video. There is a strong chance that this version might be more popular than the original . Has Sonu actually bought the rights to Kolaveri? Or is it just a gag? Either way, we loved it! We just heard that Dhanush has approached Abhishek Bachchan to do the Hinglish version of Kolaveri. We’ll wait for that but for now Nevaan has won our hearts and how!

Click here to watch Nevaan Niigaam’s version of ‘Why this kolaveri di?

Click here to watch the original ‘Why this kolaveri di?’