Sonu Sood will not be seen in ‘Dabangg 2′

Tue, October 25, 2011 6:52pm IST by
Sonu Sood will not be seen in ‘Dabangg 2′

The actor doesn’t want to play the main villain’s side-kick in the sequel

Sonu Sood aka Chedi Singh’s intense performance and sculpted body in Dabangg got rave reviews and instant recognition. But, if the buzz is to be believed, Sonu has opted out of Dabangg 2 which is set to be directed by actor Arbaaz Khan. Apparently, Prakash Raj will be playing the ultimate baddie in the sequel. And that will leave Sonu with no choice, but to play second fiddle to the villain. So, the actor opted out of the sequel. Sonu who had played the main antagonist against Chulbul Pandey in the Dabangg feels that he wouldn’t get enough prominence after Prakash Raj. Initially, Sonu was to play the main villain in the sequel too but the film’s script took a not-so-favourable turn for the actor when he heard the narration from Arbaaz Khan. The director introduced Prakash Raj as the ultimate baddie for his much touted Dabangg 2 and that didn’t seem to have gone down too well with Sonu. Well, by opting out of Dabangg 2, we feel, the muscle-bound baddie is taking a huge risk. After all, there’s nothing like sharing screen space with Salman. Wouldn’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Udnanmahi

    Salman is the best actor of bollywood he is doing good performenc regular who can compares about salman,krithik salman is the boss of krithik

  • Sudhakaran

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