Spotted: Hrithik Roshan out with his kids

Posted Sat, June 7, 2014 2:40pm IST

The Greek god was spotted at the Mumbai Airport with his beautiful boys

Ever since he separated from his childhood sweetheart and wife, Hrithik has made a point to step out as much as he can and put up a brave face for the world. Recently, the actor was spotted at the Mumbai Airport and he was not alone. No its not any lovely lady we are insinuating at, Hrithik has both his sons- Hridhaan and Hrehaan, as travel companions. Hrithik was walking so fast that he was almost walking ahead of his sons, perhaps he was in a rush to catch the flight. He looked good in a casual pair of denims and a cool blue t-shirt.With earphones plugged in, a quick pace and slick shades, Hrithik looked sexy at his airport outing.

It was not only Hrithik we spotted at the airport. Guru actor Abhishek Bachchan too was caught in a smart leather jacket and blue denims, rushing to catch a flight.

Where are all these B-Towners headed to, we wonder…


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  • Cattypuss

    I wish the media would leave this family alone for a while. His sons look very uncomfortable, and on a recent outing to a theater complex the eldest one looked terrified cowering in the back seat of the car as photographers flashed away at the boy. When Hrithik goes through airports he remains stony faced and listens to his music as a defense, but the boys are not mature enough to handle the extremely intrusive media frenzy. Hrithik really needs to set some media ground rules when it comes to his two young sons. (-_-)

    • Zeeela

      i feel sad for those two adorable kids in their parents divorce they are the ones to be most affected, all becoz of their ego their marriage is over now and now sadly the whole world will see these kids with sympathy eyes, feeling sad for them

  • youness

    oustanding hithrik