SPOTTED: Irrfan Khan in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer!

Hollywood’s fave Indian actor Irrfan Khan was missing from the first trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man, but is seen in a blink-and-miss appearance in the new video out Tuesday

Irrfan Khan plays a scientist called Dr Ratha in The Amazing Spider-Man. The film’s publicist says it’s not a long role but it’s crucial to the story. We do hope so! Remember how disappointed we were seeing Anil Kapoor in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol? But for Irrfan, we’re sure he puts his heart and soul into any acting project he takes up anywhere. While he impressed us in films like The Namesake and A Mighty Heart, he had a small role in Slumdog Millionaire among many other Hollywood films. Wethinks he deserved a bigger act in the new Spider-Man and even its promo. But why speculate before we have even seen the film? It’s only a trailer! Tell us what you think.

Watch the trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man and see if you can spot Irrfan Khan in it!

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