Spotted: Neha Dhupia back from holiday but why is she hiding her face?

The actor was spotted at the Mumbai airport but she looked weirdly self-conscious

Neha Dhupia has returned from her Spanish holiday but on arrival her andaaz was quite contrary to what it was in her Instagram pictures! While she was in Spain and Italy, Neha Dhupia couldn’t stop updating selfies every hour, flaunting her sexy face, and more *Wink* But at the airport the actor was all covered up, desperately hiding her face from the shutterbugs!

Sporting an unflattering white top with fitted viscose tights Dhupia looked nothing like what she did in her holiday pictures! Perhaps she knew it too hence the hilarious attempts at shrouding her face. Or it could be the the extra tan Neha was worried about being noticed, who knows!

After treating us with an assortment of sexy holiday pics Neha suffered a bad hair day at the airport and we hope to see some damage control on Instagram very soon, know what we mean?