Posted Thu, April 25, 2013 12:20pm IST

The diva was spotted wearing a refreshing and pristine white lehenga choli at a party thrown by Subrata Roy in her honour to celebrate the Padma Shri she was recently honoured with

Sridevi definitely knows how to keep it cool style-wise in this scorching summer heat. She looks fresh as a daisy and with not a single bead of perspiration on her face. While white is definitely the way to go during the summer, we don’t rule out the fact that the veteran star is always bubbling with charm. And if you have noticed, she has kept the style dos and don’ts in mind – which if you don’t follow in this hot weather, you could look like an oily skillet. She has refrained from pancake make-up, and kept it simple, allowing the outfit to be the frame for her gorgeous face. That pretty li’l necklace is spot on – after all, even though you can possibly go overboard with the accessories when you choose traditional wear, simplicity is always the best option.

White keeps you cool as the proverbial cucumber; it gives you that angelic look and it makes you glow like an illuminating Goddess – all the more reason to opt for this light, mood uplifting shade. And Sri – the actor who’s getting younger with every passing day – has always pulled off white with a great amount of grace. Remember her white ensembles in Chandni? As long as the star keeps glowing and keeps a safe distance from leaden greys and dull sky blues, and continues being a fount of style ideas, she will top our style list.

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