Sridevi wants to steal secret from whose chest?

Amole Gupte’s forthcoming movie Hawaa Hawaai will hit the screens this Friday. But when we think of the title the only image that flashes across our collective mind is that of the quintessential Hawaa Hawaai!

Colourful and quirky, the original Hawaa Hawaai from Mr India gave us a song that we just can’t get out of our heads. What better occasion than this to revisit the number-when Amole Gupte’s Hawaa Hawaai is releasing-in our lost in translation style. Take a look!

Lak Chiki Lak Chiki Chiki Lak Choom Choom

Main Khwaabon Ki Shahzaadi Hoon Har Dil Pe Chhaayi


I am the dream of queen, spread over every heart!


Baadal Hain Meri Zulfen Bijali Meri Angadaai

 Kahate Hain Mujhako Hawa Hawaai

Hawa Hawaai


Clouds are my hair and lightening is mine yawning

Call they me Hawa Hawaai


Samajhe Kya Ho Naadaanon Mujhako Bholi Na Jaanon

Main Hoon Saanpon Ki Raani Kaata Maange Na Paani

Saagar Se Moti Chheenoon

Deepak Se Jyoti Chheenoon

Patthar Se Aag Laga Loon

Seene Se Raaz Chura Loon


Understand what you fools me innocent face you don’t know

I am dreams of queen, thorns I ask nor water

From the ocean I will snatch pearls

From the lamp I will steal the flames

From the stone I will ignite fire

From the chest steal I secrets


Kehte Hain Mujko Hawa Hawai

Call they me Hawa Hawaai