Sridevi’s imperfect English impresses Canadians!

Sridevi’s imperfect English impresses Canadians!

We mean that Ms Hawa Hawaii’s comeback vehicle titled English Vinglish has been selected for screening at the Toronto International Film Festival

In September 2011, a day before the Mausam premiere, director Pankaj Kapur and his producers cancelled the love saga’s screening for Canadians fans at Toronto International Film Festival. The incident irked officials at the 36-year-old fest, and so they swore not to screen any more Bollywood movies.

But R Balki’s wife, Gauri Shinde’s first feature film English Vinglish starring Sridevi made the TIFF authorities change their collective mind. A section of people at the famous fest saw bits and parts of the film and were pretty pleased with it. Or maybe the change of stance came ‘coz the TIFF guys know mainstream Bollywood flicks are the best bait to attract the Indian-Canadians?

Anyway, EV brings back ’80s reigning queen to the silver screen and will be premiered on September 14 at the fest held in the Canadian capital. Star actor Sridevi, Agent Vinod actor Adil Hussain, French actor Mehdi Nebbou, who plays a pivotal role in the film, and director sahiba Gauri will attend the big event.

We think Sri’s comeback vehicle is already getting a different welcome from her archenemy Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s mundane Aaja Nachle. Does that mean the Hawa hawaii babe has a better chance at getting back to movies than her arch rival? We’ll have to wait to find out!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rohan Dave

    Please do not compare Sridevi with an actress like Madhuri dixit. Madhuri can never reach the position where Sridevi is. We all Sri-Fans and many others are eagarly waiting for English Vinglish. Thanks for sharing this brilliant news with us. Sridevi the ultimate queen of bollywood.

    • pure

      So sad that Sridevi is struggling to speak english. Sridevi can never be as popular as Madhuri Dixit.

      • Sumit Deb

        @ Pure …
        Just because Sridevi is struggling with her English her fans are not sad. If its just about languages then Sri (her hold on south languages) knows more languages than Madhuri .. Hope you know what does Balki mean by calling Sri a only true Pan india female superstar… She was the biggest star down south before entering bollywood. Though no blaming Madhuri.

      • Sudesh

        @Pure… You are missing the perspective here.. Sridevi’s struggling english refer to her role in English Vinglish where she plays a housewife trying to learn English in order to survive in westernised Indian community…. Very fact that you are complaining about her broken English makes you very part of that fraternity. Doen’t it?

      • ShreeAllTheWay

        you prove yourself dumb! shree is a muxh bigger star and always was. till both were working, shree always charged more, has more super hits, reigned for longer time. madhuri was good but noi comparison. if it wasnt the case mads would never have done the performac on shree song in jhalak. ask shree to do it, she will never do thAt :) in 1993 in khalnayak, madhuri did thAt o mere shona shona scene from chandni. ask shree, she wont copy any of madhuri’s. shree was original, the true super star.

  • rashi

    basically you can’t compare dixit to perfectionist devi, I doubt madhuri would of had the brains to choose something unique as EV.

  • Yoyo

    Sridevi will always be the number 1. So it is a waste to compare it with Madhuri Dixit. ENGLISH VINGLISH will explode the Box Office.

    • pure

      Yes you cannot compare Sridevi & Madhuri Dixit.

      EV is unique for Sridevi as she is still struggling to speak english.

      Is english so tough to learn?

      • ShreeAllTheWay

        honey you need to know a lot! check south indians, many of them have this different dialect of english. and nglish or no english, shree has rocked the world!

  • Deepa Bhatia

    Hats off to Sridevi for selecting such a unique subjetc. It was so easy for Sridevi to sign a Yash Raj or any other big banner film but she made this wise decision of doing something different. We Sri-Fans are proud of her decision. English Vinglish will prove to the whole world who SRIDEVI is!

  • Vinod

    Welcome back Sridevi. You were, you are and you will remain the Queen of Bollywood. I am eagar to see your film English Vinglish. Excellent subject! God Bless.

  • Jyoti

    English Vinglish – The most awaited movie of the year because of the subject – Enlgish

  • pure

    Such a dumb subject. Is learning English so tough?
    It aptly suits a dumbo such as SRIDEVI.

    God save box office & bollywood.

    • ShreeAllTheWay

      Shree is the best! if madhuri’s return failed it wasnt shree’s fault. get a life

  • asmit

    Cameron Bailey, the Co-Director of the Toronto International Film Festival on English Vinglish:

    ”First thing that attracted me to English Vinglish was Sridevi herself. It’s her comeback and as you know she is one of the legendary stars of India cinema and we have missed her on the big screen. It’s great to see her back and is terrific in the film…..completely compelling and gives a great performance. It’s also a very international story with empowering messages.”

    No wonder poor Madhuri fans here are tearing their hairs in ‘mundane’ frustration.

  • MKB

    In 80′s Only one female superstar dictated the Bollywood with her great perfoemances in Himmatwala,Tohfa,Sadma,mr.India,nagina,chandni,chaalbaz,lamhe,khudagawah all female oriented movies. She is no. 1 and has no comparison with any other actress.

  • Fan85


    • ShreeAllTheWay

      Shree is the best though i lik madhuri too

  • ShreeAllTheWay

    SHREEDEVI FAN! silently counting days till i see her again on the big screen. silently praying for her success yet again. i believe her fully. i am confident if she chose the movie it will be a great movie. Shree we love you. thanks for being my icon, my role model all my life. your decency elegance and great use of your skills has always made us proud of you.