SRK and Keira – the next hot couple?

Shahrukh has always resisted the call of the West…but this time the attraction could prove fatal to that stand!

We heard the strangest story just now and are still blinking about it…a report came buzzing in over the grapevine saying that the producer of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually wants Shahrukh Khan. No, no, we do not mean for anything nefarious, but to play the crabby, rude and oddly sexy hero of Bernard Shaw’s famous Pygmalion adaptation, My Fair Lady. This guy called Duncan Kenworthy, who is actually quite respectable and well known in Brit film circles, was interviewed by a local newspaper and believes that our very own SRK would make a fabulous couple with Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley. Knowing our B-town hero, he will do a great job, but does he want to go West at this stage? He has always said that he has a bigger and better audience here so why go struggle where he is not as well known? Making sense, no? But the sexy Keira – now that would be a draw great enough to seduce even Shahrukh to change his mind, wethinks!