SRK’s naughty side goes awol

SRK’s naughty side goes awol

The superstar’s famous witty and tongue-and-cheek repartee was missing at the launch of‘s theatrical promo

After weeks of Salman Khan madness, thanks to release of Ready, last evening saw the launch of’s first theatrical trailer by Shahrukh Khan and his team. As usual, the star actor arrived over an hour late. When it comes to King Khan’s enthusiasm, he is still the yuppie that he was when he started out in filmi-land. And he was dressed like one too – in blue denims and a grey D&G tee, with spiked hair – but his age is definitely showing on his face. That and some bittersweet experiences seem to have forced SRK to cut down his witty and tongue-and-cheek repartee that he is so popular for. At the press conference, right before he got into answering questions, SRK announced, “Ask me if there is anything you want to know, mostly if there is any question about the film, any clarification that would be nice to be asked, but, of course, you can ask me other questions, because I know you. But I might not answer them, because sometimes they are really personal, on a plane which is very troublesome to the families of the people related, so I may not answer.” We all know that SRK’s quirky statements on film folks in the media have often got him in trouble. But when people started reacting to these, it led to a media circus and embarrassment for all. Remember the episode where Aamir named his dog Shahrukh? Or the big brawl with Salman Khan at Katrina Kaif’s birthday do? At the pc, SRK refused to react to Salman’s non-acceptance of his apology made on national TV. However, he did talk about Salman’s new film, Ready. SRK said, “I have watched the two songs (Dhinka Chika and Character Dheela) and they are very nice. My children are going to see it.” All this points to the fact that SRK has mellowed, but before you decide that he has changed, listen to what he said when he was asked how G.One, the name of his character in, happened: “G stands for Gauri and ‘one’ is for my position in the industry!” he laughed. Obviously he does not plan to let wagging tongues bother him too much!Subscribe to me on YouTube


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