Star One changes to Life OK, with Madhuri Dixit on board

Star One changes to Life OK, with Madhuri Dixit on board

With Madhuri Dixit Nene being the celebrity announcer in a hype-loaded launch, is Life OK the TV channel she was supposed to start after coming back to India? We wonder

There is noise and there is noise, but the noise that the Star-wallahs made while they were launching their new channel has got to have beaten all other noise hollow. Actually, it was not a launch, but a re-launch of Star One, which is now Life OK and believes in the catchphrase Kal ki soch kar dhat teri ki karte reh gaye – toh aaj ka kya hoga pyaare? It happened with a week-long digital engagement plan, as the honchos for the channel said, and an eight-hour-long rockathon for the web, starring Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Euphoria, Agni, Shaa’ir and Funk, and Indus Creed, along with Salim-Sulaiman, Kailash Kher and Shilpa Rao. Programming has begun, each new show introduced by a rather matronly and buxom Madhuri Dixit Nene playing sutradhar (narrator). Which made us wonder – is this the new TV channel she is said to have been starting? And what role will she play in it long-term, if she does? Any which way, things in telly-land could be changing for the better, if the tiny glimpse of the new shows that we got delivers on its promises. There is of course the rather pathbreaking Sach ka Saamna anchored by the dishy Rajeev Khandelwal, and Tum Dena Saath Mera (which makes us want to break out into the old-gold song), with a strong moral message. And then there is Mahadev, with a startled-looking Mouni Roy overdraped in fake jewellery, Meri Maa with a grubby child with a predictable sob story and Smile Please, about a family and its various madnesses. The show that we hope will be truly hatke is Saubhagyavati Bhava, about a young wife married to a deceptively ‘worthy’ man (Karanvir Bohra, who uses his naturally evil looks wonderfully) who abuses her – we look forward shudderingly to an episode where he actually threatens her with a dead (we hope) cockroach! A promising line-up, but only time will tell us whether it will all end up with highly decorated women making halwa!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Kayaa

    that channel is no more as the youth channel and the shows omg, with just p.k.y.e.k and geet wouldev been enough

  • Tina

    why couldnt they just continue pkyek on life ok and sstar one sounds better. pkyek is so much better than the shows on life ok

  • ashi

    we want GEET season 2 with GURMEET & DRASHTI in Life ok chanel PLZ bring back our serial

  • Lalita Chandra

    Starone, you have made a huge mistake by ending GHSP.
    GHSP was the reason for your fame and popularity.
    Gurmeet Choudary and Drashti Dhami are thought of as higher than SRK-Kajol, you have created history; get them back in a season 2 or new show before its too late.

    • Kanchan

      I agree

  • Nidhi

    Life OK doesn’t exist for GEET fans till the time any new show or season 2 of GEET with the same leads Gurmeet and Drashi Dhami is not being made part of the channel…..

  • shweta

    plzzzz bring back gurmeet nd drashti together in a show…..

  • Priyanka

    We want our @gurti(gurmeet & drashti) back in any new show or geet season 2. Plz see our request.

  • Rukhsana

    Star one you have made the biggest crime you have broken the heart of Maaneet fans

  • goshi

    wao madhuri is a deva n adore her bt sorry yup many of us lik madhuri bt we lov our maan geet(gurmeet drashti)gurti n cz of this revamp n life ok we lost our maaneet/gurti n nt intrested in this new channel unless we ll get our gurti back……….

  • drishti

    we want geet season 2 with gurti i cant live without them anymore this was starone’s biggest istake by taking out geet wewant geet 2 with gurti. geet geet season 2 back with gurti we want geet 2 with gurti as maaneet geet was the reason for star one being recognized a little bitgurti also got best jodi award that proves everyhthing they were are and always wil be the best for the first time star one got known just becuase of the hottest jodi and the sexiest jodi in the world maaneet uff guti so we want gurti back geet back gurti geet gurti

  • geet

    im not intersted in this stupib channel we want gurti

  • meghna


  • Priyanka loves gurti

    Plz we want our gurmeet & drashti together in lead role in any new show or geet season 2.
    Kya apko hamara pyaar nhi dikhta apne maaneet ke liye. Plz we want gurti

  • divya

    v want geet 2 or some other show with GC and DD in star plus

  • Priyanka loves maaneet

    We want @gurmeet and @drashti.
    U know life ok @gurti/maaneet is 1st starone best hot couple who get best jodi award. U know why. Hum fans ki wajah se. Humne apne show ko hit krne ke liye kya kuch nhi kiya.
    Plz we want @gurti back together in any new show or geet season 2

  • mamoona

    on behalf of millions of GEET SERIAL fans i am requesting to “life ok” plz! start GEET HUI SABSE PARAI SEASON 2 with GURMEET N DRASHTI..

  • fizza shahid

    Star one you have made the biggest crime you have broken the heart of Maaneet fans.. plzzzz bring back gurmeet nd drashti together in a show…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz we r dying to see dem plzzzzzzzz give us a good news before the year end so that we also can celebrate new year in peace …

  • geneiva mathai

    Starone deceived fans by giving diplomatic and vague answers about the future of geet and ended it abruptly,which was a tragic moment for maneet fans.Hope they rectify their mistake and give us season2 of ghsp.

  • Kavya

    please we want Gurmeet and Drashti as leads in Geet season 2 or in any show,,,, we love Madhuri,,,,but we are not interested in this new channel,,without Gurmeet and Drashti

  • fatima

    i have never watch any of Indian serial before but when i saw star one shows new and different i love that Indian channel for the first time and specially geet but u people make a big mistake shutting down this channel i cant digest these kind of shows nothing can inspire me to watch this life of but unless u people bring youth charm back and specially geet 2 with gurmeet and drashti

  • Ferdouz Khan

    Please bring back Gurmeet and Drashti onscreen. humble request from fans all around the world.

  • cherry

    our life is not ok without gurti plzzzzzzz give them back to us each and every day we r dying without them plzzzzzzzzzzzz give us our life back

  • sehar

    please bring back Gurmeet and Drashti in Geet hsp season 2 or any other show… we love them and miss them alot……….
    love Madhuri but want maan and geet back please…

  • soma

    we wnt Gurmeet n Drashti toghether in GEET SEASON 2 or in any other show…its our humble request…plz bring back our GURTI….

  • Maaneetniwi

    we want GURMEET n DRASHTI in GHSP season 2 or in any other show… is not okkkkkkk without our GURTI…plzzz give back our belovved GURTI too us plzzzzzzzzzz

  • akshata

    please we want geet season 2 with the same leads or a new show with the same leads on ur channel, then only we will watch otherwise no life ok for us, please

  • Maaneetniwi

    we want GURMEET n DRASHTI in GHSP season 2 or in any other show… is not okkkkkkk without our GURTI…plzzz give back our beloved GURTI to us plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Gayathri

    This channel Life OK would be so much more Ok for us Geet fans in the lakhs and for the new channel too if Geet Season 2 is brought on or a new show with the same mesmerising leads Gurmeet and Drashti, hope u r listening , channel people, because Geet fans are very loyal and partial to their show, the leads and the channel they are on

  • luxmi

    well sorry to say bt life cnt b OK without geet hui sabse parai n GURMEET N DRASHTI..the only serial wch i watched n followed ws GHSP n t sole reason ws fantabulous acting n sizzling CHEMISTRY of GURMEET N DRASHTI.. ty r t BEST ONSCREEN COUPLE ever..WE LOVE THEM A plz accept our request n get GURMET -DRASHTI jodi ON TV SCREEN again with GHSP season2 or with a new serial..u wil b getting support of 2 lac plus fans from ALL OVER T WORLD..

  • asha

    plz bring back our gurmeet and drashti in ghsp 2 or any new show.plz consider it as a humble request

  • sohila

    actually i have seen all indian shows from ksbkbt till now but the show which touched my heart is ghsp actually a show dont need only a good story it need a best actors as well who tell the story by thier acting and expretion so i must say no one can bet gurti in acting and specailly when they r together exemple is ghsp which created a history and they aslso known as kajol&srk of small screen so please bring them back onscreen and they will hit and rock the show again

  • sakina

    we want ghsp season 2 back with same lead gurti and ofcourse gurti gonna rock season 2 again

  • hib

    Our favourite show GEET which was previously aired on StarOne was abrubtly ended and we came to know hardly before 10 days. This happened just cos of the revamp. It was no less than a shock for everyone cos it was the only show we used to watch.. We love the show and its leads Gurmeet & Drashti commonly regarded as GurTi , They were the USP of the show who shared a sizzling chemistry. So we want you to give us our beloved GurTi back in GEET-2 or a new show because we are missing them badly. For the channel, it was only a show , but for us it was everything. The channel has snatched our smiles by ending the show.

  • bushra amna

    we want geet season 2with gurmeet drashti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz bring back our maaneet plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bushra amna

    plzzzzzzzzz we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bushra amna

    we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz bring back our gurti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • nita gupta

    plzzzzzzzzz we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti

  • nita gupta

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want get season 2 with gurmeet drashti plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz accept our request plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bushra amna

    plzzzzzzzzz we want our gurti backkkkkk plzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drasht

  • marooh

    plzzzzzzzzz we want geet season 2 wid gurti plzzzz

  • Nida

    We want our Maaneet aka Gurmeet and drishti back wid season 2 . Please dont disappoint us … Our life is not Ok widout them ..

  • Nemo

    We want GEET season 2 wid Gurti as Maaneet …

  • Manisha

    Plzzzzzzzzz give us back our very own Gurmeet and Drishti wid season 2 of Geet hui sabse parayi.



  • ashi

    WE WANT GURMEET n DRASHTI on LIFE OK chanel,PLZ help us.
    plz give back our BELOVED GURMEET DRASHTI to us plzzzz

  • V A Shanthi

    We Want GHSP Season2. If Geet season2 is starting then we want only Gurmeet and Drashti as Maneet. If incase Geet season2 is not possible then we want to see these two sweet jodi Gurti together in any other project. But at the end of the day we want to see Gurti together. Plz bring back Maneet together and plz start Geet season 2

  • amna

    we want geet 2 with gurmeet n drashti

  • mahii

    we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • rashi jain

    we want gurti back together as a jodi onscreen either in geet season 2 or any new show

  • dr.grace

    Plzzzzzz we want GHSP season 2.

  • Padma

    please bring back Gurmeet and Drashti in Geet season 2 or any other show… we love them and miss them alot……….
    Please …. Jaldi se bring our most lovable jodi

  • Jane

    Oh can’t wait to see Madhuri – whether big or small screen! Happy New Year dear Madhuri, aapki jhalak chaalte raahe :)

  • marooh

    we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti

  • marooh

    we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti together plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • varun patekar

    I want participate in such ka samana

  • geetmk

    plz give our maaneet back with season 2 or bring them in any other love them very much and i am also a huge fan of them.My day and night is bore without them.plz dont broke our hearts.Our life is not ok without have to bring our maaneet back.we will keep saying untill u bring our maaneet back.

  • Anonymous

    They are turning star one full of youth to something called life ok with full family drama. Thats my thought. no offence

  • ritesh jaiswal

    plz old programe ko life ok per continue kijiye jaise pyar ki ye ek kahani

  • mahii

    we want geet season 2 with gurmeet drashti together plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz accept our request plzzzzzzzz

  • Ferdouz Khan

    The channel has nothing new to offer. Same old sob stories. U need popular shows like Geet Hui Sabse parayi which is a world wide rage. Plzzzzzzzz bring back Gurmeet and Drashti with a new show. The present shows are not at all appealing sorry to say.

  • Mohit Singh

    U r a Preffect actress… I love u vry much


  • joya

    some solid information abt this channels show….
    Dil Se Dua…Saubhagyawati Bhava? is the ditto copy of movie AGNI-SHAKSHI… by manisha / nana /jaki……. it shows 15-20 min how nana abuse manisha… 1 n 25-30 min jaki manish lov story and rest how jaki n manisha tackle nana….
    as viewer 3 hour of this – I really enjoyed… cz off course good acting and those abuse shows more mentally then physically.
    but for daily basis ,, when I get to see.. same kind of manhandling… wo hi ghisa pita.. over-acted “plz believe , I’m a psycho man“ story line.. like over pushing…. really not tolerable… and come on they dnt even change the dog name for haven sake.

    MERI MAA…….. go on you tube… type – star jolsha…… then type MA…. we wll get the ditto copy daily drama which is still on air… difference sirf itna hi hy — that was JHILIK and BANGOLI FAMILY…..but here its JHILMIL and MARATHI FAMILY…..

    and dnt even want to talk abt other show feed back….

  • Michellewnyx

    Hi everybody I recently desired to introduce myself. For those who have any questions please request. Remorseful regarding my poor english

  • Amit gupta

    I am a big fan of Madhuri dixit.I have been watching so many movies of hers like Beta, Raja,Tejab, Hum aapke hai kaun. I heartly wish her for prosporous and happy life on the eve of coming New year 2012………………………

  • manisha

    pl bring back ours maaneet pl…………………………………………………………………………. we miss them a lot.

  • Mumu

    Plzzzzz bring back our pkyek n romantic abhiya season 2 on life ok

  • Fariha

    Plz life ok brin back pkyek.

  • y desai

    Hello Mrs Dixit ,
    This is good news that you wish to promote good and sensible tv however I was not pleased to see one show on your star one (now called life ok !! ) and that is such ka samana ! Ofcourse you should and have to face truth in life one day but if you have committed crime before that day than you should be punished rather than earning some money for their wrong doing in life .
    Dont you thing that you are promoting or conveying wrong message to people who believe in you ??
    If you beleive in laws than you must not encourage this type of show on indian TV here in uk.
    I hope this message reach to you .
    Best regards,
    Yogesh Desai.

  • S Desai

    Re: Such Ka Samana
    The people who appear on this show are greedy and would go to any lengths including appearing on this show for money.

    • asmashahzadi

      ok ager life ok a gya a to plz pyar ki yeh ek khani 2bara start ker new on life ok

  • Mumu

    Plzzzzz brng back pkyek 2 with d same cast….mostly my visu jodi!

  • Dev

    I sometimes wonder who’s the main character of your serial Mahadev? It isn’t the lord mahadev for sure. sometimes it is lord Vishnu, some time it is daksha or someone else. because it only Mahadev who is giving request to everyone. every one calling him shiv. Regarding the episode of lord Rama ,things can be told differently .Did any of other director has done like you?see late Ramanand sagars RAMAYAN where lord Rama worship Shiva at RAMESHAWAR where he(Rmanand )entirely changes the meaning of Rameshawar,because it was Rama”s serial.What about the fact that when devi Sita asks boon from devi parvati in the temple before her marriage?but gori or parvati is the rebirth of devi Sati. how come devi sati return back to take pariksha of Lord Rama.
    Your serial has seriously hurt the feeling of devotees of shiv ji.why everyone always misuse Shiva’s nam ,i don’t understand this.just keep insulting bhole BABA like this,iam sure you will get some thing out of this.

  • rita

    We are very annoyed that dev ka mahadev is not available for us to watch. We have issues because the serial is only for 5 mins. How can we follow the whole story, especially for our children. As wehave managed to sit them with us and have enjoyed every thing about the serial. Please give us the full episodes.

  • bonny

    respected mam,i have a true story,and i want 2 make serial with ur under conntact 09878592184 punjab

  • vijaymer

    life ok is a good chenal

  • sai

    plz i want star one channel back or serials season 2

  • Sathya

    I want to see geet serial in tamil language becoz i am from tamilnadu and don’t know hindi. Please dubbed and play on starvijay

  • MD JoNy

    please “star one” start and “life ok” channel “phir ki yah eik khani . story start life ok