Subhash Ghai: I can’t waste my time calling Katrina Kaif when I know she has no dates!

Subhash Ghai: I can’t waste my time calling Katrina Kaif when I know she has no dates!
Yogen Shah

Almost eight years back Ghai worked with the Dhoom:3 babe in Yuvvraaj, however another film with this babe doesn’t seem to be in the pipeline

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan came together on screen for Subhash Ghai almost eight years back in Yuvvraaj, many assumed that there would be more films were in store. However looks like Kat’s superstar status is now making it hard for her to come back in a Ghai film. The showman who is introducing a new babe Mishti in Bollywood was however not looking to cast a renowned face. The filmmaker also confessed in an interview that he was asked to cast Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif for Kaanchi however he quashed the idea. Is the filmmaker upset with B-town A-lister heroines?

Ghai who has a three film contract with Katrina is not looking for a project to come together with her in the near future. He said in an interview, “During Kaanchi, they told me to sign Katrina Kaif because we (Mukta Arts) have a 3-film deal with her. But she is very busy now and has no time. Why should I even waste my time giving her a call when I know she has no dates? I have got three scripts ready. I am planning to do one film with Katrina Kaif.”

Is Ms Kaif giving Ghai a cold shoulder? Or does the filmmaker not have a good enough film to offer her Yuvvraaj heroine? Or then has a busy Kat moved over her past considering Ghai’s closeness to her ex-beau Salman Khan.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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