Subhash Ghai’s desperate attempt!

The filmmaker’s new strategy is to sell two films at the price of one

Erstwhile churner of Bollywood’s biggest blockbusters starring the biggest stars has now taken the indie route. This basically means that he is promoting films which are made on very low budgets, but supposedly high on content. Probably the first of its kind in Bollywood, in Ghai’s new detour, he is bundling two films; Love Express and Cycle Kick, which together will be shown as a single film to the audience. In a recent interview Ghai said that by this strategy “We will not only be able to promote quality cinema, but also secure the distributors and exhibitors to a great extent. Add to that the fact that even the cine-goers will get more value for their money.” Seems that the string of flops have taken a toll on Ghai’s larger-than-life ‘showman’ image and is now following the formula of the independent cinema movemnt; albeit within the commercial format. We still prefer the showman of yore any day.