Subhash Kapoor molestation case: Geetika Tyagi’s murky past revealed!

Subhash Kapoor molestation case: Geetika Tyagi’s murky past revealed!

The One By Two actor who is certainly in the news for slapping filmmaker Subhash Kapoor for allegedly molesting her, but here’s a bit of news that states in no uncertain terms that Tyagi has a dark history to hide

Geetika Tyagi slapping Jolly LLB director Subhash Kapoor is doing the rounds in the internet space. Tyagi claims that the filmmaker has molested her. And just when the video has caused quite a stir online, here’s comes a bit of news that reveals Tyagi’s murky past.

We hear that Tygai was fired by a news channel in 2004. Geetika used to steal news-anchor-turned-AAP-party leader Shazia Ilmi’s ATM card to withdraw money using the same. Shazia, we hear, used to anchor the 7 pm news segment and Geetika would host the 10 pm slot. They used to share a makeup room and Shazia would often leave her bag there, not knowing that Geetika would take undue advantage of her ATM card by withdrawing money from her bank account.

Later when Shazia complained about it to the management Tyagi denied such happenings. Tyagi only confessed to her crimes when the CCTV cameras installed in the office space revealed Tyagi’s misdoings.

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  • Rachel

    So let me get this right. You’re implying that because a news channel fired her a decade ago for a petty crime, she’s lying when she says that she was molested by Subhash Kapoor? Dude, its because of people and “journos” like you that Indian women are afraid of coming forward with stories of sexual harassment. You guys take pleasure in character assassination. Congratulations man, you’re doing a great job.

    • Astrix Aster

      Why the hell should she wait for two years and two flops in a row to come out. And what a way to come out, instead of reporting the matter to police you start circulating the video on twitter. The guy wanted to sleep with her, she did not want to. He tried, she denied and the guy left. Where is the mistreatment???? Did he assault her after she declined? No; rather he apologized for his action which was a judgmental error on his part. What is the big deal. I know a girl who tried to get into a relation with a guy, the guy was not interested and he declined. She tried a bit more but the guy was just not interested so he was not. Does this qualify as molestation???? I don’t see any case of sexual harassment in this incidence. You and your contrived ideas about exploitation of women are pathetic to say the least. By the way, she was fired from her job for theft and she was stealing not because she was in dire straits or needed money to feed her family or any such filmy reason but simply and plainly because she is a greedy woman who has no sense of proprietary. and what ever you say, stealing from your colleagues bag is no petty crime, it is all about how petty the person is.

  • Bharat

    See Rachel, by supressing the incident (If any) for a long time, and coming out right at the time he is getting big, and by doing so, she assassinated her own character. If she is really that geniune, she might have come out public with it, right after the incident. That video shows nothing incriminating against him. It shows that she highhandedly beat him. What do women think at all? they can wear skimpy clothes, flirt with men and do anything they want, and if finally men tries to flirt, they behave so rudely. Assume that she is true, he tried to force himself on her, but did not molest her. Molestation is a very serious affair. She might have reported the same to the police, then itself. The reason that his wife begged not to publicise it, is absurd. if he is really that scumbag, it is just and right to report it immediately, to save whole lot of women from his evil clutches. she did not do anything. she stayed calm, and right when he is coming up, she took pleasure in saying that she is molested by a famous guy. It is a classic Monica Lewinski Act. There atleast, Monica was sexually used by Mr.Clinton. If she is really aggrieved, she would not have tweeted it in public or else try to gather media attention, she would have gone to the police directly. How can public opinion about her, gives more evidence in the case. She is a Journo, not a fool. Can public outrage, bring more evidence in the case. Her stealing in the past, has nothing to do with this incident. But stealing money, is the basest thing, and that too, stealing ATM Card and withdrawing money, is theivery of lowest ebb.