Suchitra Sen is not out of danger yet

The veteran actor is still weak, say doctors

Veteran Bengali actor Suchitra Sen is not out of danger yet, a doctor said Saturday. The ailing legend needs oxygen support. “Almost the entire night (around four to five hours) yesterday she was on non-invasive ventilation. She is weak and is sleeping,” said Subrata Maitra, a member of the team of experts attending on Sen at the Belle Vue Clinic here.

She is on an oral prescribed diet which is being supplemented with peripheral nutrition through intravenous channel to fulfill her dietary requirements, the medical bulletin said Saturday. “Though her oxygen saturation level is not normal, for her condition, we feel it’s alright,” said the doctor.

According to the report, her oxygen saturation has “stabilised to some extent, with wide variation”.

Her condition had deteriorated Thursday prompting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to visit the hospital for consecutive days Thursday and Friday. The actor, who has shunned media and public for decades since her retirement from the film industry, initially suffered chest infection.

The 82-year-old actor was undergoing treatment for it at the nursing home since Dec 23. Her condition worsened Dec 28 night. Following complications, Sen was put on the ventilator Jan 3.

Dubbed as the Greta Garbo of Bengali cinema, Sen is known for her performances in films Deep Jwele Jaai and Uttar Falguni in Bengali as well as Hindi movies Devdas, Bombai Ka Babu, Mamta and Aandhi.

She won the best actress award for Saat Paake Bandha at the Moscow Film Festival in 1963.